What are your Brand’s Personality Traits

Brand’s Personality Traits

Brand’s Personality Traits

Let’s discuss the different brand personality traits in Ireland.

There are five main personality traits which are :

  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extra versatile
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

Brand Equivalents :

  • Sincerity
  • Excitement
  • Competence
  • Sophistication
  • Ruggedness

Types of Personality

Do you know who you are? Research will tell you, what you are selling and who your target audience is.

Brainstorming always yields more dynamic decisions so the first question you should ask is , what kind of voice do you want to apply to your core base of customers. Once answered apply it and establish that voice to your business. A strong brand will relate that voice to your target audience and your employees which will help create a unique and consistent brand personality.

Identity is the image of your brand

Don’t get brand identity confused with brand personality. Personality is the emotional and human relationship to your brand. Identity is the image of your brand in order to relate the business to the customer.

It is important however to marry the two together. A brands identity should be part of its personality. A fun voice means nothing if the message is formal, for example, Oreos which is a fun product needing little explanation portraying a friendly, trustworthy and desirable personality.

What emotions does your brand carry

 emotional branding strategy

People now make decisions based on emotions. Developing an emotional branding strategy helps form the very fabric of your corporate identity.

Your brand is a symbolic promise to your customers and how you portray your company image. Is your brand emotionally connected to your customers. This is, creating an emotional brand and by adding an emotional journey in every aspect of your brand strategy from design, slogans and media engagement, you will develop a unique emotional brand.

Developing an Emotional Brand Strategy


Developing an Emotional Brand Strategy

Emotional Branding does not develop on its own, it needs to be a strategic part of your marketing plan. 

The strategy should be related in every aspect of your business strategy from traditional advertising to how your staff communicate with your customers.

Anything that has an impact on your customers or your business needs to relate to your emotional branding. As a result your emotional branding should be beneficial to your customers and your business.

Who remembers the Kit Kat advert at the Zoo. Man waiting to take pictures of Pandas. Has a tea break and turns his back on enclosure. Yes, they come out and dance. He turns back – they have returned inside. (YouTube. KitKat ad at zoo). Priceless.

BURBERRY Branding Strategy


If your brand was a person what would they be like


This is an ambiguous question which has no definitive answer so lets refer

back to the start of this article. The related traits from character to brand equivalents.

For example lets pick a well known brand such as Burberry Fashion. What does this tell you about the person they may be.

Agreeable = Sophistication. Burberry is definitely sophisticated and luxurious.

Take another brand Such as Apple.

What does this tell you about them. Apple focus on emotions. The starting point is how they make you feel. Apple is all about lifestyle :

  • Liberty regained
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Hopes
  • Dreams / Aspirations

As a person they would be agreeable and open to experience. They are also creative.

So what does your brand say about you or your customers view of your company ?

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Oct 9, 2018

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