Brand Naming & Development

Brand Naming Strategy

Aside from the important impression a brand name gives to a company, Brand You Creative understands that your chosen name needs the right connotation, so that your branding has the greatest impact on your target audience.
Taking into account what your competitors are doing we look at the long term implications of choosing a particular name.

Company Naming

Striking the perfect blend of tone and style is crucial when choosing a company name. It’s one of the biggest decisions a business owner has to face and it will become a foundation for future branding work.

Retail Naming

Retail sales are continuing to break records year after year with e-commerce sales up 11.4% from the year before. Competitors are throwing themselves industry with all they have which makes it vital for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Product and Service Naming

Brand You Creative can provide a non-bias voice to your decision. We know what your audience wants. We can guide you with product and service naming from consultation to final decisions and implementation.

Nomenclature Systems

Branding involves a lot of industry-specific terminologies. If your company is just starting out but wants to implement their company or product launch as professionally as possible.
Brand You Creative can be your wordsmith in picking out established words and meanings for your particular audience, market and niche.

Trademark Screening

Trademark infringement is a serious matter and if your company isn’t prepared it can mean going through the process of rebranding and relaunching can be a waste of time, money and effort.
Prevent this by giving the Brand You Creative team the lead to screen possible trademark concerns using several local and international resources.

Global Language Checks

If your company is aiming for an international reach and wants to make sure you present no offensive language or name inappropriate products/services, Brand You Creative can advise you on the best course of action.

Brand Naming Research

Brand You Creative has all the best tools and knowledge backed by years of experience to conduct brand naming research effectively.
It’s not just about checking if your chosen brand name directly infringes on an existing patent or copyright, but even the likeness or sounding too similar to another brand can affect your sales and reputation in the future.

Brand Logo Identity Design

Brand Identity Design

Brand You Creative are experts at researching, designing and launching your brand that is congruent with your company’s vision, voice, philosophy, and target market.

Retail Identity Design & Systems

We at Brand You Creative discover what it is that makes your retail identity unique. Passionate about developing original designs and systems, our team aims to strategically catch your competition off guard.

Visual Identity Systems

At Brand You Creative, we offer customized and well-designed visual identity systems to keep branding consistent across all platforms and marketing plans.


Logos shouldn’t be an afterthought, since it is a huge part of your marketing materials. From your stationary to your online presence, the talented graphic artists of Brand You Creative design your logo to reflect your business and what it stands for.

Packaging Design

Many of our clients have a physical product to sell, so we ensure that all packaging is in line with the brand. Brand You Creative can help you develop your own brand style guide for suppliers, which they would in turn use to ensure accuracy of design and colour shades, even if you use multiple contractors at every marketing campaign.

Brand Guidelines


When choosing an effective brand name it’s imperative that your brand reflects what your company stands for. This has such a massive bearing on where you are positioned in the market place and who will see your site.
As such, we at Brad You use the power of words strategically to find your special branding, so that whenever a recipient hears this name it will be synonymous with your product and create maximum impact in the market place.


Retail sales are continuing to break records year after year with e-commerce sales up 11.4% from the year before. Competitors are throwing themselves industry with all they have which makes it vital for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Colour Palettes

Colour palettes don’t just bring life to a logo, banner, signage, or even e-zines. When chosen perfectly, this group of colours will become your company’s trademark look.
Brand You Creative provides you with a brand style guide in digital form, which you can use as a general guide for contractors and staff when designing any marketing material for your product or service. This way, your theme and look are always in line with your brand.


A single change in typeface can substantially alter the meaning of your logo or marketing materials. The Brand You Creative team is obsessed with the perfect typography, so you can be rest assured that we’ll take fonts into account when working on your projects.

Graphic Motifs

If your project requires a particular motif, Brand You Creative can readily handle it for you, ensuring the end-result would still retain positive brand impression.

Imagery Styles

Choosing illustrations, line drawings, and other types of imagery is also an important element in impressive graphic design. Brand You Creative recognise what works – from deciding whether to go with black-and-white or coloured, to picking the most appropriate image for a job, we know that these visual elements must gel with the whole brand concept in terms of feel and tone.

Packaging Design

Many of our clients have a physical product to sell, so we ensure that all packaging is in line with the brand. Brand You Creative can help you develop your own brand style guide for suppliers, which they would in turn use to ensure accuracy of design and colour shades, even if you use multiple contractors at every marketing campaign.


A lot of companies still use standard printing for brochures and letterheads etc. and even if we’ve adapted to online marketing, Brand You Creative still retained tried-and-tested traditional marketing services like printed literature (annual reports, magazines, brochures, and so on).

Content Strategy

Brand Voice

Your brand voice sets the tone of your message. It can be a subtle dialogue or a loud shout out. Depending on the type of story, content, or feeling you wish to share to your audience, Brand You Creative can get it on point for you.

Brand Messaging

Brand You Creative will work day and night to ensure your message and voice remains consistent across different social media and any other customer-facing platforms.

Communication Plans

Many businesses only focus on the web, when they should have an overarching content plan with both the old and new media outlets. Our PR professionals can guarantee that your communications with radio, print, and other media is on point at all times.

Content Marketing Plans

Your content marketing plan is the foundation upon which we build your campaigns. If you’re not sure how to get started, let our creative team help you brainstorm and develop a solid content marketing plan for your company’s short-term or long-term goals.

Content Strategy

At Brand You Creative, we ensure that all content you release to the public tells a consistent message, tone, and feel that are true to your branding and company ideals.

Writing Guidelines, Training and Workshops

Brand You Creative Agency believes in empowering our clients and helping them get to the heart of their brand stories. To do this, we work with them continuously from developing writing guidelines, or conducting full-blown training and workshops specially-designed and facilitated for their unique needs.

Brand Stories

Your brand story is crucial because storytelling is deeply embedded in the human psyche; historically it was the way to pass on important information.
Every company has a story to tell, but a business owner or CEO may find it hard to convey this story because they’ve been part of the journey for a long time. It takes someone on the outside to help bring their story out.

Brand Taglines

The Brand You Creative team can show you how to create standout taglines, which work well with the main message of your brand. We’ll make sure that the taglines are relative to your business and create the greatest impact in order to project your company message.

Copy Guides

Brand You Creative Agency has years of experience creating copy and process guides based on the needs of different clients.

Web Content

Your web content is based on your central story and its threads run through everything else your company makes public. If you need help with this story, and wish to share something interesting, informative, or promotional to your target audience, our professional copywriters are ready to take on any task.

Video Scripts

Whenever you need to craft compelling video scripts that remain in line with your brand values, Brand You Creative Agency can oversee your project and ensure that the overall look, feel and presentation follows your video strategy.

Depending on your company’s needs we can provide 1 and/or 2 from the list below:

  • Brand message or mission statement
  • Logo design and usage
  • Colour palette
  • Type style
  • Image style/photography
  • Business card and letterhead design
  • Design layouts and grids
  • Social media profile page applications
  • Brochure/flyer layout options
  • Website layout
  • Signage specifications
  • Advertising treatments
  • Merchandising applications
  • Copywriting style your voice and values
  • Editorial guidelines
Graphic Designing Print & Digital

Design for Print

Even businesses that have successful digital marketing campaigns require traditional materials every now and then. If your company needs advice with deciding printed design elements, help with writing a design guideline for other contractors, or simply want to outsource the design job, Brand You Creative is here to help and ensure your brand integrity remains intact with every task at hand including:

  • Design for Print
  • Brochures
  • Business cards, letterheads & Complement slips
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Literature
  • Concepts and fresh ideas for your brand materials
  • Emails signatures

Graphic Design for Digital

In today’s economy, information is predominantly delivered digitally. Marketing channels have changed drastically in recent years thanks to the boom of social media.
For companies serious about implementing a proper brand digital design and marketing, having a strategic plan makes a huge difference.
At Brand You Creative, we do-it-for-you.

  • Campaign graphics
  • Portfolios
  • Website graphics
  • Online brochures
  • Social media graphics
  • Videos Concepts
  • Fresh ideas for your brand digital materials
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Your business needs a uniquely branded voice to become a leading name in your industry. Brand You Creative has the perfect team of professionals who can creatively execute an immaculate development and branding strategy
Our dedicated team will assist you with your branding strategy, company and product naming, nomenclature systems, trademark screening, global language checks, and other aspects of brand naming.

Finding for the right branding company & Agency to brand, rebrand your company, product, retail premises or personal brand can be a difficult choice. 

Finding a company with Experience that can Deliver what you want, what you need, and on time is crucial for your project.

At Brand You we do the following – We listen to your needs, develop your plan and deliver awarding winning designs and results using all of our 10 years experience to understand you as a potential client.

Click the quick contact button above to send us a email or click call us to  discuss your project with us.

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2020 - Honored with 6 Awards in 2020



2021 - Honored with 6 awards, certificates coming soon


2020 - Honored with 6 awards in 2020 

Branding, Branding, Brandyou Creative
Branding, Branding, Brandyou Creative


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2019 - honored with 2 Awards in 2019

Branding, Branding, Brandyou Creative
Branding, Branding, Brandyou Creative

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