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Your business needs a uniquely branded voice to become a leading name in your industry.

If you’re looking for a top-notch branding company in Ireland, look no further than Brand You Creative. Our team of branding experts can help you develop a winning branding strategy that will make your business stand out in your industry. As a leading branding company in Ireland, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional branding solutions that elevate our clients’ businesses.

As a branding agency based in Dublin, we specialize in company and product naming, nomenclature systems, trademark screening, global language checks, and other aspects of brand naming. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to branding companies – choose Brand You for all your branding needs.

▼ Defining Brand Values and Goals
▼ Brand Awareness
▼ Brand Positioning
▼ Brand Personalization
▼ Brand Promotion
▼ Brand Equity
▼ Brand Monitoring

▼ Creating a Strategy
▼ Company Readiness
▼ Locating Contacts
▼ Partnership Agreement
▼ Attracting Audiences

▼ Identifying Target Audience
▼ Choosing Appropriate Channels
▼ Storytelling
▼ Building an Emotional Connection
▼ Trust Building
▼ Educating
▼ Lead Generation
▼ Boost Organic Search Traffic
▼ Thought Leadership

▼ Brand Naming Strategy
▼ Company Naming
▼ Retail Naming
▼ Product & Service Naming
▼ Nomenclature Systems
▼ Trademark Screening
▼ Global Language Checks

▼ Brand Identity Design
▼ Retail Identity Design & Systems
▼ Visual Identity Systems
▼ Logos
▼ Packaging Design


Brand Guidelines

▼ Brand Guidelines
▼ Naming Logos
▼ Colour Palettes
▼ Typography
▼ Graphic Motifs
▼ Imagery Styles
▼ Packaging Design
▼ Literature


Content Strategy

▼ Brand Voice
▼ Brand Messaging
▼ Communication Plans
▼ Content Marketing Plans
▼ Content Strategy
▼ Writing Guidelines, Training and Workshops
▼ Brand Stories
▼ Brand Taglines
▼ Copy Guides
▼ Web Content
▼ Video Scripts

▼ Design for Print
▼ Graphic Design for Digital


Brand Management

Brand management magnifies your brand by growing your brand equity and distinguishing you from your competition. It encompasses all the imagery, language, experience, and perception involved in building your company’s reputation and market recognition. Effective Brand Management shapes your audience’s perception in a way that generates awareness and lasting loyalty.
Main Focus of Brand Management

Main focus of brand management - driving recognition and loyalty - is achieved by increasing perceived value of a brand and by building lasting relationships with consumers. Relationships are built by identifying consumer needs and meeting them.

Today, consumers expect brands to provide seamless, personalized experiences across multiple platforms, and by ensuring consistency of brand representation across platforms, you develop a good relationship with your target market and ensure that your business stays relevant in the minds of consumers over time.

Benefits of Our Brand Services

Our brand management services will help you build brand awareness, brand positioning, sentiments, reputation, relationships, customer loyalty and revenue.

Whether you are creating a new brand or redefining an existing one, at Brand You, we have the expertise to ensure growth in your brand equity.


Brand Partnership Attraction

A brand partnership is a mutual agreement between two or more businesses or organizations, through which companies help one another increase brand exposure, break into new markets, and add extra value to products/services.

Benefits of Brand Partnership Attraction

When your company forms an integrated relationship, the goods or services offered by each of those businesses gain value. Consumers perceive an increased worth in the good or service when two or more parties are involved, each of them bringing something special to the table.

If the consumer trusts the brand that you partner with and has had a good experience with them, the consumer will likely have a positive experience with your brand too. Overall, developing strong brand partnerships can give your business a real boost in brand equity.

How it works

Brands can also partner up for co-branded events or campaigns by combining and leveraging strengths, awareness, and positive associations, therefore transferring certain qualities between each other.

Alternatively, brand partnership can involve the creation of a new and specialized product, range, or product variant, which can involve sharing manufacturing resources, technologies, and expertise. Finally, co-branding can be undertaken due to the merger or acquisition of a company.

Our Process

Companies that are most attractive for brand partnerships are characterized by the fact that they are well known, customers are aware of their name, they have a product that can be trusted, or have a customer base of a certain size.

We start by introducing you to this channel, by familiarizing you in detail with the idea of brand partnerships, so that you can understand the cost savings, efficiencies, brand exposure and PR benefits they can bring.


Brand Customer Attraction

Capturing consumer attention has never been more challenging for brands. Marketing teams must compete with social media, Netflix, YouTube, emails, text messages, and more. This increased competition for attention makes it difficult for brands to get their message across. Nowadays it is necessary to stand out, and one way to do so is to use customer attraction.

Benefits of Brand Customer Attraction

Attraction marketing stands in stark contrast to sales-focused marketing methods like cold-calls, buying leads, meetings, approaching strangers in a public arena or begging for attention. In attraction marketing, the primary driver is providing value, helping people, or engaging with them first. Before asking someone to buy, you establish a relationship, as well as an emotional connection with them.

Why Attraction Marketing?

Customer attraction is an effective way to build your brand’s reputation. Providing real value to customers rather than a sales pitch, will lead them to view your brand as a credible source of information and advice. You want to be perceived as an authority in your field and as a brand that your audiences know and can trust. You achieve this by creating valuable content for free, including blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics, e-books, playbooks, tutorials, courses, and other free tools.


Brand Naming & Development

Choosing a name for your company can be a minefield but with our expertise and experience, at Brand You we can guide you through this process, and along with your input, a suitable name reflecting your company’s brand will emerge.

The process of brand naming can invite a plethora of legal issues, but our seasoned experts in the field can keep you on the right track.


Brand Logo Identity Design

First impressions in branding are everything. They have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived and consequently how successful it brand is. At Brand You, we take this into consideration and through our experienced team of professionals, we consult with you to find a dynamic, as well as a memorable design for your business.

Here at Brand You we guarantee that your company’s website sends off a memorable first-impression to its visitors, while turning online leads into paying customers, and then into returning and loyal customers.


Brand Guidelines

We at Brand You Creative are aware that building a great brand is a challenging task in and of itself, requiring innovation, consistency, and meticulous attention to every detail. There is no room for error when you have just a few seconds to evoke emotion in your target audience.

We also understand that time is of the utmost, which is why we have a comprehensive package for you that is guaranteed to generate leads and sales in your industry. These components will all work cohesively to give you an edge over your competitors.

Brand Guidelines are essential to any successful brand. At Brand You, we create and guide you through the entire process to deliver your own brand style guide booklet.

Creating your set of rules that explain how your brand works, brand guidelines include your brand’s history, vision, personality, and key values.


Content strategy

At Brand You Creative, we make sure that every piece of material you make public carries a unified message, tone, and feel, and that all these elements together remain loyal to your branding and company ideals.


Graphic Design for Digital

In today’s economy, information is predominantly delivered digitally. Marketing channels have changed drastically in recent years thanks to the boom of social media.

For companies serious about implementing a proper brand digital design and marketing, having a strategic plan makes a huge difference.

Design for Print

Even companies with effective digital marketing strategies occasionally need to turn to using more traditional materials. If your business needs assistance choosing print design elements, creating a design manual for other contractors, or just wants to completely outsource the design work, Brand You Creative is available to assist. At our agency we make sure your brand remains intact throughout every task at hand, including:

  • Design for Print
  • Brochures
  • Business cards, letterheads & Complement slips
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Literature
  • Concepts and fresh ideas for your brand materials
  • Emails signatures
Graphic Design for Digital

For companies serious about implementing a proper brand digital design and marketing, having a strategic plan makes a huge difference.

At Brand You Creative, we handle all the following:

  • Campaign graphics
  • Portfolios
  • Website graphics
  • Online brochures
  • Social media graphics
  • Videos Concepts
  • Fresh ideas for your brand digital materials

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