Website Design

UX and UI

At Brand You, we provide high-end User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design services to your brand. Get an eye-catching and unique look and feel for your website, while increasing your interactions and drive sales.

E-Commerce Design

We understand that no two businesses or brands are the same and each needs their own unique design, element and aspects. Brand You, is a premium e-commerce website design company in Ireland with over 11 years of experience.

We build a feature-rich and completely secured online platform that will help you gain insights and profits. We provide the most user-friendly, affordable and reliable solutions making it easy for you to sell online.

WordPress Design

WordPress is a popular design platform, with providing one of the best content management systems. It is a software that is integrated with coding for your website to make it easy to design and update with the trends.

WordPress has the best design templates and features that will help your website attract your target customers and increase the sales.

Bespoke Design

At Brand You, we will work with you to develop a website that is unique and original. We will develop a theme that will represent your product or/and service and compliment your brand beautifully.

Our bespoke designs go further than colour scheme and palette; the website will have a tone and voice which will represent your company and its offerings.

Custom Design

We understand that each website has its only voice and vision. Our team of designers will create a website that is personalized according to your brand and vision. We will guide and develop a customized website which will represent your brand to the audience and attract them towards your products or/and services.

High-End Website Design

Our team of professional web designers use their UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) expertise to deliver a smart and simple-to-use solution. With our knowledge of the most up to date design trends, you will receive an high-end website that is unique and original for your brand. The website will be responsive while looking outstanding and which will get results.


Searching for the right template and design for your website? At Brand You we can help you select the best templates which will suite your brand and its vision. The template will represent your brand’s voice and vision and will be designed to help your audience navigate easily and experience the feel of simplicity.

Web Development

E-Commerce Development

Online shopping is a norm and is growing at a fast scale. If an e-commerce store can boost your brick and mortar business into new levels of growth, you can trust that Brand You’s extensive experience in e-commerce development will help your brand standout in this competitive and evolving market.

Booking System

Need an online booking system for your business website for your customers to access your products or/and services easily? Or how about an entire site built around a booking system for events, plane tickets and more? At Brand You, we custom- make a booking system for small – scale to large- scale businesses.

Epos Programming

The complexity of setting up an electronic point-of-sale (ePOS) system is unique for every business. Brand You is aware that the internet requires different payment logistics, efficient stock control and order processing compared to the offline world. From choosing the right software to installing hardware and programming the best system for your company, our team can take care of everything so you’ll just reap the benefits of continuous sales.

Comparison Websites

Comparison websites are proven income-generating sites, since they perform without the need to sell physical products. If you are ever wondering how car insurance comparison websites, compare loan websites and other similar sites earn, Brand You knows the secret of how it’s done and can build one for you completely.

Membership Websites

Whether you aim to increase sales, raise brand awareness or launch a new product line, our membership websites not only play a part but deliver too. We can assist your company by providing a system that will allow you to share the latest business news, events and general information with your members along with increasing your revenue.

Our team of expert designers and developers build top-notch membership websites for you to have greater engagement and grow your membership numbers. At Brand You, we specialise in integrating the best design, technology and marketing for your membership website

Article Planning

Content is king, an important element to remember when developing a website. Your website is incomplete without having the correct content and keywords to reflect on search engines. If the content is not representing your brand’s voice and message there is no point of creating a website to connect with your audience. Brand You plans your content according to your brand and its vision.

Custom Coding

At Brand You, our mission is to deliver businesses high-class coding services, by providing perfection in timing and code execution, fully tailored to your brand’s needs. Our team of experts with more than 11 years of experience can help you turn your design into professional, high-quality, functional, with clean code just the way you have always envisioned it.

Web Maintenance

Website Speed

At Brand You, our team of expert web maintainers help your website to remain on the optimized speed and help your customers navigate within few seconds. With an optimum speed, your customer will be able to reach one link to another in few seconds resulting in easy and user-friendly navigation.

404 errors

The 404 error could be found on any website resulting in your audience choosing a competitors website for their product or/and service. This error could be caused due to the page being deleted or moved or the URL has not been modified correctly. With our professional web maintenance service, your website will never face this error and will be the number one choice of your target audience.


Website security is the top-most priority of any company may it be banking or retail. For your website to not get hacked or misused it’s essential for you to stay on top and monitor your website regularly. At Brand You, we conduct maintenance every month to know that your website is secured and not being hacked by a competitor.

On-going Support

Need help in checking and monitoring your website regularly? At Brand You, we run monthly web maintenance reports to check that the website is functioning correctly and if the tags are placed correctly. We also provide on-going support in regards to web development and design with the latest trends in the industry.

Browser Compatibility Testing

Browser monitoring and compatibility gives you full visibility into the performance of your modern web pages as well as how your competitor is performing. The testing helps in measuring the website’s speed and performance, so that you know where to invest your time and efforts. At Brand You, we run the test for you and provide a complete report of your performance and website as a whole.

Website Backup

It is very important to back up your website and have a copy of the data. If you are using a particular management system to develop your website, it is important to back up your files, content, media and databases to get it up and running if any issue occurs. At Brand You, we have a high-end system that backs up all your data and stores it in a secure manner for access whenever required.


Domain Registration

Every great website needs a unique and memorable domain name. Creating something new is a challenge, but once inspiration strikes, you will need to register that name with a domain name registrar before you can use it online.

Registration isn’t difficult, but first you must choose from the hundreds of companies competing for your business, and there are several things for you to consider before signing the virtual dotted line. Brand You can help you with these complicated steps by managing and registering your domain name.

Website Hosting

Brand You Creative offers marketing leading web hosting solutions. We have the fastest and most efficient servers available in the market which will benefit your website and the SEO that follows it. Good hosting is required to give your website a strong foundation whereas if you have poor hosting it will reduce your uptime.

Ecommerce Hosting

Begin your website and welcome the world to your products with an ecommerce website. Build, promote and start selling your products with a secure online hosting platform backed by powerful tools to keep your website secure. Set up your online store for success with the perfect blend of tools, plugins, security and expert guidance with Brand You.

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Our approach is simple, and to the point. We like to create websites that are easy to navigate, and is completely optimised for various search engines. You can count on our team of experienced web designers and developers to create a website for your company that will help in increasing your sales and grow your business in the minds of the customers.

Finding for the right company to design & build your website can be a difficult choice.

Finding a company with Experience that can Deliver what you want, what you need, and on time is crucial for your project.

At Brand You we do the following – We listen to you needs, develop your plan and deliver high end design and development using all of our 10 years experience to understand you as a potential client.

Click the quick contact button above to send us a email or click call us to  discuss your project with us.

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Web Design & Development Branding Agencies, Web Design, Development and Hosting, Brandyou Creative





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2021 - Honored with 16 Awards, certificates coming soon


2020 - Honored with 6 Awards in 2020



2021 - Honored with 16 awards, certificates coming soon


2020 - Honored with 6 awards in 2020 

Web Design & Development Branding Agencies, Web Design, Development and Hosting, Brandyou Creative
Web Design & Development Branding Agencies, Web Design, Development and Hosting, Brandyou Creative


2019 - Honored with 2 Awards in 2019


2019 - honored with 2 Awards in 2019

Web Design & Development Branding Agencies, Web Design, Development and Hosting, Brandyou Creative
Web Design & Development Branding Agencies, Web Design, Development and Hosting, Brandyou Creative

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