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At Brand You Creative, we offer top-notch brand customer management in Ireland. Brand customer management has never been more critical for brands, given the intense competition for attention in today’s digital age. 

Our expert team understands the challenges brands face and can help you develop effective strategies to stand out and brand customers attraction through social media and other channels in Ireland. We can help you manage your brand’s customer interactions, build loyalty, and create a positive brand reputation. Trust us to provide you with the best brand customer management services in Ireland.

Customer attraction ideas in Dublin stand in stark contrast to sales-focused marketing methods like cold-calls, buying leads, meetings, approaching strangers in a public arena or begging for attention. In attraction marketing, the primary driver is providing value, helping people, or engaging with them first. Before asking someone to buy, you establish a relationship, as well as an emotional connection with them.

Customer attraction and retention in Dublin is an effective way to build your brand’s reputation. Providing real value to customers rather than a sales pitch, will lead them to view your brand as a credible source of information and advice. 

You want to be perceived as an authority in your field and as a brand that your audiences know and can trust. You achieve this by creating valuable content for free, including blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics, e-books, playbooks, tutorials, courses, and other free tools.

Identifying Target Audience

Our first step is to understand who your audience is, what are their needs, interests and pain points. After establishing their struggles and desires we create content that speaks to those specific desires and struggles.

Choosing Appropriate Channels

We will help you pick the right channel to spread the word about your brand. The best way to target your audience accurately is to select the channels they’re most likely to be active on, and establish a presence on those channels, while also bearing in mind that the platform you choose has to be able to support your content.


We will make sure that your content has incorporated storytelling, because humans are hard-wired to respond to engaging stories. All the information you share will be retained better if embedded in a story. So, in order to attract people to your brand, we will tell stories that will resonate with their desires, goals, and pain points, resisting the urge to focus on your company.

Building an Emotional Connection

This is a key component. Positive emotional connections can be established in numerous ways, including: emotive storytelling, providing exceptional value for free, creating a superior customer experience, genuinely caring about a prospect’s needs and desires, responding promptly to questions or problems.

Trust Building

We will help you create trust between your brand and your audience. This is important because people want to buy from brands they can trust. You build trust firstly by providing an outstanding product or service, and then by addressing customer problems quickly, by being transparent and by making an effort to resolve any customer issues.


Your knowledge of the industry can make you the go-to person for every question related to that industry. There is a vast array of formats we can use to share your knowledge, such as: blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics, e-books, playbooks, tutorials, courses, free tools, workshops.

Lead Generation

By creating high-quality content at every stage of the marketing funnel and making it easily accessible, we can attract potential customers to your websites. Site visitors can then be converted into leads.

Boost Organic Search Traffic

We can significantly boost your search rankings, organic search traffic, and ultimately your online business. We start by finding topics and keywords your prospects are interested in at each stage of the funnel. From there, we build a content strategy that demonstrates your expertise and trustworthiness.

Thought Leadership

Attraction marketing is an effective strategy if you want to establish yourself or your brand as a thought leader within your industry. Our methods will allow you to share your unique perspective and build a following of engaged prospects who care about what you have to say. The more you and your brand are positioned as thought leaders, the more individuals and other brands will be interested in working with you.

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We are an innovative and creative agency that guides our clients through every process from full consultation to conducting in-depth research, on-boarding, and coaching!

Benefits of Brand Partnership Attraction

When your brand develops integrated partnership, it adds value to the products or services of each of those companies. When there are two or more stakeholders involved, each bringing something unique to the table, consumers find extra value in the product or service.

When two or more reputable brands partner with one another, that's showing the consumer that the brand can be trusted. If the consumer trusts the brand that you partner with and has had a good experience with the company, the consumer will likely have a positive experience with your brand too.

Overall, developing strong brand partnerships can give your business a real boost in brand equity.

How it works

Brands can partner up for co-branded events or campaigns that benefit all by combining and leveraging strengths, awareness and positive associations of each brand, therefore transferring certain qualities between them. Alternatively, brand partnership can involve the creation of a new and specialized product, range, or product variant, which can involve sharing manufacturing resources, technologies, and expertise. Finally, co-branding can be undertaken due to the merger or acquisition of a company.

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