Advantages of Social Media Marketing for your Business

Let’s talk about social media marketing in Ireland.

Did you know that 90% of marketers say that Social Media Marketing has increased their business exposure. 66% of marketers that spend 6 hours on social media per week have increased their leads, so whatever your business  social media as a strategy in your marketing plan helps grow your brand and your wallet.

How do we meet people? Yes we can venture out to our local pub and prospect customers through being social. That will take an eternity trying to find the right person to fit our business and build up along term relationship.

As we all know, today we are blessed with new technologies which allows us to communicate around the world in real time, driving traffic to our business through various platforms which are open to us for free. Coupled with smart phones, tablets and laptops social media marketing has never been more accessible.


Here are a few advantages of Social Media Marketing:

Here are the several advantages of social media: 

  • Social media posts connect with our target audiences
  • Boosts your sites SEO
  • Helps understand your audience
  • Builds relationships with target audience
  • Allows targeting
  • Key to customer service

Social media posts will allow your prospects and existing customers to discover your new web content and connect to your site. The content will also appear on the feeds of your customers and followers thus boosting traffic to your site, specifically, the type of visitors you want to engage with.

One area where content is relevant and important is your blog. This allows you to inform your audience of new developments and links your business to other bloggers allowing you to share information.This brings us onto the subject of Guest Writing v Ghost writing.


Guest writing


Guest Blogging Strategy

You can build authority in your industry by blogging, and you can gain exposure driving traffic back to your website.

When looking for sites to guest write its advantages to find sites relevant to your niche industry, finding blogs that; fit your target audience, the blog has an engaging readership and the blog owner is well connected and active on social media.

Influencers in your business play a big part in the guest writing world and by using Google search and key words its easier to find these prolific guest writers.If you can build an online relationship with one of these bloggers it could raise your profile and drive more people to your site.


Ghost Writing


Ghost Writing Strategy

Would you give your junior clerk or someone who works in the post room the task of writing a blog for your company or indeed any copy? Probably not. It should be given to a person of authority who knows your company brand.

This person does not have to be named, hence ghost writer. It should done with attention to detail for the following reasons :

  1. Use Proficient writers and post quality content insuring the information is interesting and true.
  2. Make content useful and informative along with original research.
  3. The writer should draw on executive expertise and spend time gathering relevant information.
  4. The executives name will be on the published document it is essential to review and insure that the information, position and voice presented are a true reflection of the person named as the author.

By inviting a guest writer to write content across your platforms and blog you are opening opportunities for that writer to reach your target audience. Conversely you will have access to their audience and you will become an authority and influencer within your industry and build your customer base thus driving sales to your web site.

Ghost writing will give your company the authority amongst similar businesses again driving business to your web site. So the choice will depend on which will fit your style of content to benefit your business in the most beneficial way.


Position your content and promote


By positioning your content within your marketing strategy across all your platforms from social media to blogs correctly, will determine your volume of return traffic back to your web site.

Your content should reflect your brand and company message and be consistent throughout your social media marketing plan.

This could be very slick and informative, but useless unless you promote it.

Key words on Google in order to improve your SEO is essential. This is where people will find you.

Promotions are not only attention seeking but could build up your loyal customer base, increasing sales of your products and services.

Without good quality content being backed up with strong promotions your efforts will fall on deaf ears so don’t be shy, get social and meet people. This will determine your businesses journey.

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Oct 9, 2018

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