Why Brand Consistency is Key to Your Identity

Let us talk about brand consistency in Ireland.

What a great summer we have had, hot weather and the chance to sit outside with a glass of wine and an occasional BBQ. What is your favorite wine ? I am sure you have a wine you quaff on a social basis, maybe a Chilean Rioja. Well this is a typical example of Brand Consistency.


What is Brand Consistency


It is where a business tries to convey a message in a way that does not stray from the core brand strategy or its basic values. This means that the message is delivered in the same tone and the logo is used in the same context, also the typeface and colours remain consistent across the branding strategy.

If you stray from this and start initiating small changes important links will be broken and the brand will be more than likely be under risk of being lost or not being remembered by your target audience.


Importance of Brand Consistency


Consistency is achieved by making sure that your mission statement  along with your visual branding is applied consistently across all marketing platforms. This makes your branding stronger and embeds trust between B2B and B2C driving sales forward and increasing your customer base.

It does not mean that all your platforms on social media and web sites have to mirror each other, however having a visual platform that is consistent in colours, font and size and the placing of your logo is advisable.


Long Term Benefits


There are so many long term recognizable brands which have been established for years because they follow a very high standard of Brand Consistency in their visual and verbal across all marketing platforms. Who can you think of? Netflix, Dove, Coca Cola are just a few.


Customer Consistency


Something I was surprised to find in my research was that a customer needs at least seventeen impressions of a brand before thinking about buying. Therefore it is imperative that when planning a marketing strategy the brand impressions must  to be clear and consistent so the customer does not get confused and can make an informed decision to purchase with a high degree of trust and loyalty.

Did you know that :

80% of brands believe that they deliver a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree.

Embrace Change while still being Consistent

Change is always a good way to keep things fresh but it does not have to come at the cost of consistency. In fact in gives you a unique opportunity to offer more services. When the business has built up a firm reputation and trust through a consistent delivery of your brand message, it would be a good decision to expand and develop your business.

One of the great innovators of the modern era is Richard Branson. Starting from a small room in London, running a record label to running his own airline. Of course we all know him for so many other venture from Virgin Travel to Virgin Finance. Only someone like him could build a space travel program. He is always unpredictable and makes the unthinkable a reality.

All the time he has retained his brand consistency through colour, logo and headings throughout his organization.

Is your brand in keeping with your mission statement ? Are you delivering your brand message CONSISTENTLY?

Share with us your thoughts on brands that are consistent and deliver on their brand promises.

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