How to choose a strong brand name for your business

Choose a strong brand name in Ireland

Know your customers

Pick a strong brand name that are universally understandable

Phonetic symbolism matters

Choosing a brand name for your business can be a tricky exercise as it’s the most important decision to be made in order to make your business memorable and attractive.

Think what a difficult decision our parents had when picking our names which we will have for our whole lives. Choosing a brand name can be just as important.

Brand names can lend credibility, assure quality and set customer expectations.

Knowing your customers will give you direction when choosing a relative branding name which will relate to your target audience.  There are several basic steps you can take to know your customers, the first being;




Doing research in advance and choosing the right demographics for your brand and product will point you in the right direction. Discover similar niches and research  products close to yours and see what brand names they are using. Gather as much information as you can so you can come away with an informative statement about your target audience.




Researching your competitors with a similar target audience is a good place to start. Evaluate their brand, voice and marketing strategies. You can learn a lot from your competitors by seeing how they operate and what works and doesn’t work for them. Your business can learn from their marketing strategies and how they engage with their target audience.


Know your customers personally


Obviously you need a customer base first of all, but once you have an established audience, spend extra time to get to know them better.  From this you can learn what their concerns are, what appeals to them and what exhilarates them. Building a strong long lasting relationship creates a feeling of mutual trust.


Choosing names which are understandable


By choosing a name that relates to your products or services makes it clearer for your target audience and staff, to understand. The trick is to keep it simple, its easy to try to be too clever and catchy. Remember it’s the customer who has to see your name and be persuaded to be a loyal customer.

  • It’s worth researching your competitors names and listing them to see if they give you any inspiration to come up with a stand out name. ( Don’t copy, be original)
  • You want to have a business name that your target audience can relate to.
  • Whilst your audience will want to pronounce your brand name easily, it must remain original and unique. This will make it memorable and if your name has a great story behind it, it will make it more meaningful.
  • Choose a name that tells people what you do, for instance, Spikes Oyster Bar & Grill.

Once you have an idea run it by your friends and colleagues. Ask for their initial feedback with any suggestions and act accordingly.

  • When choosing a name, think of your domain name, maybe someone else is using it, if you have not registered it, do it as soon as you can. Then it’s yours.
  • Lastly, like any emotional decision, sleep on it. It may seem different in the morning, there again it could be fine.


Useful naming sites


The 10 Commandments of a Great Business Name,

8 mistakes to avoid When Naming Your Business,

10 Company Name Types, The Name Inspector


Phonetic Symbolisms Matters


Phonetic symbolism refers to a non arbitrary relation between sound and its meaning. It suggests that a sound of a word, apart from it’s definition, conveys its meaning.

A brand name can be a persuasive force engaging us with their product or company. Two major examples are NIKE and COCA COLA. Both poses positive strong vowels which are memorable and send out a strong message about their products.

These techniques of  phonetic alliteration conjure up a vision of the product which we associate with the brand name, such as APPLE.  We automatically envision all of their products without any reference. In other words it is down to association.

By choosing a brand company name by using this method will have a dramatic effect on your business position in the market place and put you ahead of your competition as well as building a large customer base. Need help creating a strong company? Contact us!

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Jan 18, 2019

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