The Impact of Graphic Design in Branding your Business

The Impact of Graphic Design in Branding

Let’s talk about graphic design in branding Ireland.

Branding your business involves visuals and a solid campaign which creates an opening for graphic designers who get involved in many aspects of the industry from designing logos, advertising, copywriting and slogans.

Over time branding can make a company into a recognizable product and evokes brand loyalty. This is where graphic designers come into their own by portraying what vision the client wants and then translating that message into a recognizable image.

Designers need to have a full knowledge of the goals of the company and the industry as a whole. This knowledge can then be used to create designs using appropriate materials to represent the organization.

The work graphic designers carry out is different than that of a designer of web sites or brochures. They have to be very diverse as they work on an entire campaigns. This means that they have to design the brand including logos and ensure that colours and fonts on letterheads and all correspondence remains consistent.


They may be asked to design any of the branding elements below:


  • Business cards
  • Logo design
  • Letterheads
  • Packaging
  • Writing slogans
  • Copywriting
  • Designing Advertisments
  • Typeface design Research
  • Marketing
  • Colours

A design company may only use graphic designers to design specific areas of the overall campaign making sure that the branding message remains consistent throughout the marketing platforms, for example the typeface remains the same font and the base colour translate to the packaging such as Harrods, portraying a message of exclusivity.

One of the most popular designs on a brand is “Apple” You just know its an Apple product just by seeing the ,i, in front of each product. The iPhone, The iPad and The iPod. It’s simple but effective.

Visual design is a key to a good branding campaign and increasingly graphic designers are becoming necessary to deliver good quality images and videos.

In order to become friends with someone you need to influence how they perceive you, what have you got to offer and what do you have in common. Once you have established a solid relationship you will become friends for life.

This is what a graphic designer has to engrain into your brand strategy by sharing your core values into your imagery through your brand colours and fonts. A very popular platform for immediate postings is Instagram. This is a useful tool for promoting and selling goods through high impact images.

Instagram pages can show photos of your office and activities in and out of the workplace which shows your businesses human side and evokes comments and sharing. By adding visual teasers and a well designed site should drive prospects to your web site. So it’s important that a graphic designer understands your business and what its aims are.

It is recognized within the marketing industry that the moving image is now the number 1 medium to create the biggest impact for your branding marketing platforms. Vimeo is a prime example where a well designed video can be edited and posted to your target audience with very professional results. Words alone can’t communicate what the brand is about. A bad delivery can make all the branding efforts worthless.

However good your ideas are they still have to be conveyed to your customers and without the advice and help from graphic designers your branding message could be underwhelming so a good relationship with designers is essential.

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018


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