Brand Identity – How do you know its time for a new look

In any business the brand and corporate identity are the two most important elements. They are key to the connection between the customer and the company.We all know the major established brands however the lesser known brands sometimes get forgotten or get stale within the market, so its time for a rebranding.

Rebranding is the reinvention of the companies identity and reinvents it in a flagging brand market. This may be by creating a new brand name, logo or just a few little changes across the overall marketing strategy that targets a new social community.


Why Rebrand?


One reason being a repositioning within the market. If you have been providing photography services for instance and you realize that through the development of smart phones your services are declining due to a lack of orders. It’s time for a change, so you decide to sell authentic organic food. Do you need to rebrand? You most certainly do. The first thing to tackle is to change your logo and the tagline of your business, then the website will probably need a review


Your Brand is Inconsistent


Is your social media platform consistent with your message so if you are rebranding you need to make sure your branding is in line with your product. Your aim is to create a cohesive experience whether it is your blog or viewing your product page. If you look at your website, Instagram and Facebook, do you see a consistent visual language. If your audience finds it a little confusing you probably need to tweak it to bring it back on track to reconnect with your viewers.


Are you visually similar to your competition


To have a strong Brand Visual Identity you should be different and have a unique feature that makes you different. Nike is a prime example, very simple but instantly recognizable.If you are visually too close to your competition you will not be noticed. Does your website, logo or your social media platform stand out? If not is time to edit your marketing platform. A redesign of your logo with bold colours could be the key to making a move away from your competitors.


Is Your Packaging Outdated


Many companies stick with the outdated packaging as they are scared to loose their customers if they change their traditional packaging. Refreshing the design of your overall packaging can place you in a favorable place within the market . Your target market could appreciate that your packaging is aligned to recycling, for example, using recycled paper rather than plastic. The colours fundamentally remain sympathetic to your branding whilst repositioning your mission statement is more user friendly towards the environment and reengages your target market.


Your Brand is Expanding


Is your brand identity growing, if so it could be time for a new look. If you are launching a new product or maybe targeting a new audience you need to align your strategy to that dynamic. New customers might want a different way of engagement, for instance there are so many new ways to connect such as the Apple Watch, where you can make a payment by touch or by a more traditional method by face to face. So if your brand is expanding it should identify and engage with your target audience.


How to Refresh Your Visual Identity


This is a chance to do an audit across all your platforms and review what your goals are. Whether you use an in house designer or an outside agency, be clear where you want to be placed in the market and by rebranding you have the chance to be bold and stand out from your competition.

Apple is a good example where they have diversified from the iMac from the legendary iPod whilst all the while remaining consistent with their branding an applying different colours, space grey, gold and white which align to their logo and remain true to the company message.

Is it time for you to change or a new look. Be different and tickle your audiences senses and tell them about your exciting dynamic new image. Spruce up your web site and reconnect through your new marketing plan across your social media platforms.

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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