10 Foolproof steps on creating a successful brand

Creating a successful brand

The last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%.”

Rob Kalin, co-founder of Etsy

A successful brand building in Ireland defines your business reputation and how visible it is in the market place in relation to your target audience.


Brand development


  • The first thing to consider is to get your brand building campaign in line with your business objectives.
  • Secondly to develop the tools that will convey your brand to your target audience such as your website, tag line and logo.
  • Finally, making sure your new brand is strong and sustainable and updated on a regular basis.


Brand Strategy


  • What will be your overall strategy

It’s now time to consider your strategy. How do you intend to expand and grow your firm, what sort of firm do you want, who are your prospects? These are the factors you need to consider which will make your strategy easier to develop.


  • Who is your target audience

Not everyone can be your target audience. Businesses who are successful focus on a specific area of their chosen market group  otherwise they would be spread too thinly. How do you know what is your target market, well it basically comes down to research.

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If you do a thorough research it has been found that if you do the faster you will grow and become more profitable. Those who research on a regular basis grow even faster and strengthens your brand.


Isometric social concept. Target audience.


  • Create Your Brand Positioning

How is your firm different from others in your market place? What is your USP ( Unique Selling Point ) Do you stand out from the crowd? All these determine where your brand stands in relation to your target audience. This is where your mission statement comes in and you have to commit to your promises. The statement should be inspirational and sustainable as well as engaging with your target audience.

  • Messaging

Your messaging strategy is your next step. This is where your brand positioning is transferred into messages to your target audience, influencers and employees.

The brand will convey the same message across your audience, they will only be interested in the most relevant areas. Your message will therefore need different types of evidence to support it. This makes your message relevant to your target audience.


  • Creating your name, logo and tagline

If you are a new firm a name could be problematic or if your repositioning your company or changing your company name all have to relate to your brand, however your name , logo and tagline are not your brand. They are there to communicate your brand.


  • Develop your content marketing strategy

Content marketing achieves all the traditional marketing strategies but does them more efficiently. It uses educational content to drive your target audience to your business and also qualifies prospects.

Through content marketing the strength of your brand solidifies your reputation and trust. It’s also a proven way to make your brand relevant to your target audience.


  • Developing our website

Your website acts as you shop window so is probably the most important tool in your marketing box, it is therefore imperative to correctly position this. It is where you customers will learn about you, your company and what you do. It will not determine whether people will use your services but it will, if it sends out the wrong message.

It will be home to all your important information and will determine your SEO standing so its important it sends out the right brand message.

From the rise of design systems to the dwindling of celebrity designers, in the last decade, the product design industry drove significant shifts and changes. Product designers have a huge opportunity to become better business people. One thing that’s become pretty evident in the past few years is that product designers have a huge opportunity to become better business people. Experts Predict the Future of Product Design.


  • What’s in Your Marketing Tool Kit

What’s in your marketing toolkit will determine how well your brand message performs.this could be a sales sheet that describes your key markets,.

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They may include videos depicting overviews of your company, case studies or meet the team. A relevant bank of good quality still images are useful to place into traditional areas of marketing such as advertising and newsletters. Shutter stock or Getty Images are good tools for the purpose.


  • Implement and Keep your Brand Fresh

A great development strategy is useless unless it is implemented, it can often happen. People get distracted and all the development then gets outdated and forgotten.

Keeping track of the implementation of the plan and measuring the results will not only keep your branding message fresh but will maintain customer interest and loyalty.

How successful will your brand be or maybe it already is but standing still is not really an option. Let us know how your brand is progressing. Good Luck.


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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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