5 of the Most Expensive Rebranding Campaigns — Plus, 40 Leading Enterprise Logo Design & Branding Agencies

Want to know the most expensive rebranding campaigns in Ireland?

It only takes 10 seconds for consumers to formulate a first impression of a logo. DesignRush rounded up the most expensive logo design and rebranding campaigns and the leading logo design companies who can execute them., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, researched the most expensive logo design campaigns of all time. These include:

1. City of Belfast
2. City of Melbourne
3. Pepsi
4. BBC
5. I Love New York

DesignRush also researched the best local and global logo design agencies who can create successful emblems across every price point.

Some of the top branding companies from around the world include:

1. Paragraphs LLC

Paragraphs is a strategic design firm and business consultancy. They are experts at corporate identity and branding, and help clients rethink and reimagine how they go to market. They function as “internal team members” helping them grow by looking at their business differently – this could be their business structure, how they go to market and/or how they position their products and services to their key constituencies.

Paragraphs then translates what is unique about their business in creative and unexpected ways to deliver their brand vision and brand persona across all media. They execute everything from research and strategy to concept and implementation, have won over 1500 awards and are a certified WBE.

2. Anvixa


Made up of some of the brightest minds on the planet, Anvixa modernizes marketing, cutting through the crowd to bring growth to clients. They value innovation, thoughtful design, and quality work, from crafting powerful e-commerce websites to helping companies promote on social media. They are comprised of a team of content creators, strategic thinkers, and innovative technologists.

3. Arcs & Curves


With a group of in-house digital strategists, talented designers & art directors, Arcs & Curves takes pride in communicating their clients’ ideas through creative campaigns online. Their specialties lie in developing amazing websites for clients. By combining technology and design, they build outstanding digital experiences for all devices. Their primary objective is to add value to businesses through their creative output and to maximize ROI.

4. Atelier


Atelier’s mission is to support marketing managers and ambitious business owners in getting the best possible results from both their website and their digital marketing activity. Not only do they have a kick-ass retention rate, but their work is frequently recognized in leading industry awards. Atelier is not just a supplier, and they know that the best results come from trust, honesty and collaboration.

5. BlackDog Design Partners, LLC


Blackdog Design Partners has worked on projects spanning multiple industries, at all levels and campaign stages. Their services are always 100% tailored to each client’s specific needs and expectations, and, no matter the timeline or budget, they will create a solution suitable for any and every situation. Blackdog Design Partners works hand-in-hand with clients to create their corporate identity with logos, websites, brochures, business presentations, videos, photography, flyers, posters, billboards, social media, explainer and whiteboard video, delivering a memorable and consistent brand strategy across all media.

6. BluBrandz Solutions


BluBrandz Solutions is a group of independent, creative and technology enthusiasts who specialize in digital branding, marketing with rich experience in creating human-centric user interfaces across various digital platforms. They are a creative digital marketing agency who specialize in working with top brands with a clear focus to “Build Well, Build Great Brands”

7. Blue Design Worldwide Colombia Agency

Blue Design’s approach is based on the innovation of business processes from the graphic point of business. Letting an image represent their work is elemental when it comes to touching the feelings of clients and partners. The agency specializes in business-processes oriented to the management of customers and use of technological tools with commercial application. Blue Design’s differentiating elements and success are based on a model of management by processes and business units.

8. Brand Soul Consultancy


Located at the heart of the Kuala Lumpur, Brand Soul Consultancy is an integrated research-based company that specializes in branding & marketing, graphic design, animation, PR, website & mobile app development. They pride ourselves on the brands they built, their team, and their excellent working relationships with clients.

9. Brand You Development & Coaching Limited 


Brand You Creative is a market leader when it comes to branding and marketing. They help clients in developing their company concept with the expertise of their professional team of designers who will, with a full consultation, help businesses create a campaign to enhance and develop their brand into the correct market place giving them maximum exposure to their potential and existing customers.

10. Creatively Yours


Creatively Yours believes in making Website Design & Digital Marketing Simple, Affordable and Effective. They do this by using their years of experience in the online industry to break all tasks into understandable, bite-size chunks. This way, the project is finished on time, every time and clients never feel overwhelmed.

11. Empower Marketing Ltd


Empower Marketing Ltd is an exciting marketing agency with a proven track record of developing and implementing sales and marketing strategy, projects and campaigns. Their management team has over 18 years of experience of helping to grow business start-ups and large organizations across a range of sectors. They promise to provide honest advice, creative ideas, business acumen, and strong value-for-money.

12. Evestar


A seasoned startup entrepreneur, Lolita co-founded JetSmarter, a private aviation booking platform, in 2013 with her husband, CEO Sergey Petrossov. Developing the brand from scratch, they grew it from a small, three-person team to a 300-plus “unicorn” startup. A disruptor in the private aviation space, JetSmarter rapidly became one of the biggest and fastest-growing – not to mention, most marketed – brands in Florida.

They quickly learned that the operating structures of traditional agencies neither met the demands of a startup with off-the-charts growth or delivered metrics that mattered – simply because they didn’t understand the core of the business. And so, Evestar was born to solve that problem.

13. Excelled Designs


Excelled Designs is a Colorado Springs web design & branding studio specializing in providing creative solutions to help command attention and generate ongoing revenue while still being true to each brand. They’re all about helping small business owners launch and grow through amazing visuals and creative strategy.

14. GB Agency


GB Agency is a full-service, boutique advertising and marketing agency that has been providing successful solutions to clients around the globe since early 2012. GB has clients in many industries and territories, spanning public and private sector, including NY State Attorney General and Senate candidates, NY State infrastructure projects and America’s largest cheese manufacturer.

Clients also span legal recruitment, legal startups, VCs, ecommerce in the Far East and the UK, merchant banking and financial services in New York City, gaming in the Netherlands, software in Australia, and several non-profits and luxury realty in Mexico. This diversity leads to enhanced creativity and an understanding of how different markets can contribute to sales around the globe.



The HISUI LABO team has an excellent knowledge of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They choose the ones that benefit clients the best and set up a digital marketing strategy which fits their goals and needs. The agency’s team of creative designers provides striking visuals. From print to web, they create a new personality and image for every brand according to the client’s requests and offer the best results. HISUI LABO’s experts also use branded content to develop brand according to their visibility, image and sales objectives.

16. Household


Household is an award-winning creative agency building modern brands and environments by blending experience strategy and design. Their business is to define growth opportunities and design immersive experiences for brands that are passionate about playing a significant, active role in their customers’ lives. They aim to understand motivations and changing behaviors, using their wealth of customer, business and market insight as a springboard and proof-point for directional strategy and meaningful brand experience design.

17. Hunter Marketing Group


Hunter Marketing Group offers award-winning design and content creation for multi-platform applications. Whether businesses are ready to grow their brand with conversion-driven website design and targeted landing page creation or want better results, Hunter Marketing Group can help. If clients don’t know where to start, the agency’s strategy and consultative services can help them find the right direction, even if it’s not with Hunter Marketing Group.

18. INNN 360


INNN 360 is a digital agency in Spain that provides concrete answers to the digital needs of brands. They know that it is essential to put energy in the digital development of a brand. They look for clients who have a project to launch through an advertising campaign, a corporative digital communication strategy, are launching a new online project, or ultimately need the help of a reliable digital agency like INNN 360.



KICKSTART SOLUTIONS LLP partners with businesses in the most important space of the market – the digital space. They like to refer to themselves as a creative IT company. They have tapped into three main parts – Designing, Branding, and Advertising. Their technical prowess includes building static & dynamic websites, cross-platform app development, social media marketing, and other exciting tasks to drive the online world forward.

20. KindTyme


KindTyme is a boutique media & design agency based in Portland, OR and serving clients worldwide. Their small in-house team is highly collaborative, so when clients work with KindTyme, they work with all of the team members! That means every creative project is infused with expert design, marketing, development, and business strategy know-how.

21. KitelyTech LLC


KitelyTech was started as a company to set industry standards: a full-service technology firm setting trends in web design, web development, branding, mobile application development, custom software, and SEO services. KitelyTech was founded on the principles most lacking in its competitors and the industry at large – transparency, customer service, efficient execution, organization – which remain at the foundation of our business today.

Their services include Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce Design & Development, Mobile Applications Development, Custom Software Development, Web & SaaS-Based Application Development, Reporting & Data Analysis, Quality Assurance, Salesforce Consulting & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design, and more.

22. Margaux Agency


The Margaux Agency is a modern branding and social media marketing agency for companies looking to increase their profits and connect with customers. They strive to meet the fast-paced technology demands in marketing for a tech-savvy audience. They aim to support modern businesses with affluent millennials through strategic branding and modern marketing by crafting brands that attract and websites that sell.

23. Matter Creative Group


Matter Creative Group’s place in the branding universe is where design thinking blends with creativity. Matter Creative Group’s strength is in providing real value through design-centric problem solving, experience and high-quality creative work. They strive to become an invaluable resource that clients can’t live without— knowing full well their success is intrinsically connected to yours. The agency listens, gathers insights, rolls up their sleeves, works hard, and services the heck out of clients.

24. MSLK


MSLK is a branding agency based in NYC and LA. MSLK specializes in helping beauty brands find their voice in today’s crowded market and send a unified message through 360° brand positioning — from overall brand strategy to brand identity, packaging, retail experience, websites, social media campaigns and sales. Their strategic process and consumer insights turn the subjective creative process into an objective one, producing in award-winning, attention-grabbing, and revenue-generating results for clients.

25. Newman Web Solutions


Newman Web Solutions provides professional web design & marketing service to small businesses in the U.S. The business is a limited liability company, operating under entrepreneur Lori & Sam Newman. Their office is conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia since 2011. Newman Web Solutions recognizes the busy lives of small business owners and wants to help build brands and online presences via web design, SEO and marketing services.

26. RadonicRodgers Strategy+


RadonicRodgers Strategy+ is an award-winning Travel & Tourism industry leader in marketing representation and public relations services. They have an entrepreneurial spirit, unique sector expertise, and a knack for uncovering and telling remarkable stories that resonate with the media, travel trade, potential guests and tourists to each brand. The agency is backed by a hardworking team of specialists in marketing, branding, design, web development, public relations, sales & marketing representation, digital campaigns, SEO, social media, as well as research, measurement and analysis.



Simbol is made up of a team of specialized experts in various fields, from branding to web strategy (website, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing). Simbol has been collaborating with some important companies and institutions, including Heineken Italy, Metroweb, Sorgenia, Wolters Kluwer. Simbol was established in 1989 in Milan, Italy and was the first ISO 9001 certificated Italian Agency. Simbol over the years has won diverse International Creative Awards.

28. Sona Studios


SONAstudios is a full-service production agency. Clients that want to tell a story, create a presence or make their visions a reality can partner with SONAstudios. The agency provides them with a broad range of digital production solutions. Regardless of the paradigm of each brand’s vision, the creative team can turn it into reality.

29. Spantik Digital


Spantik Digital is a trustworthy digital agency with a commendable record of paramount achievements. With competent skills, they make sure each business gets to its dreamt success. For this, they input noteworthy efforts and astute plans to provide clients with worth digital services and web solutions to create outstanding e-platforms for business epic promotion.

30. Spin Creative


Spin Creative helps marketers, creatives, brand experts and designers drive demand with winning video and creative strategies. They focus on three passion areas: Branding and Design, Video Storytelling and Social Media Creative. The foundation of their services is built on crafting strategic and bold creative to engage, inspire and activate each brand’s most important audiences.

31. Splash Designworks LLC


From logos, websites, social media services, online design, graphics, audio and video production, brochures, postcards, photo editing and more – Splash Designworks LLS has brands covered! Their experience spans across the United States – from California to Florida to here on the East Coast. Designing has been their way of life, starting way back on paper when the “cut and paste” feature was literally scissors and glue!

32. Strategic and Creative Marketing Inc.


S/C Marketing uses their extensive corporate marketing experience with leaders such as Nielsen, Time Warner, OfficeMax, DeVry Education Group, Columbia Pictures, Experian in order to develop marketing strategies and to create compelling messages and creative tactics to reach the right target market to deliver sales success. Their services include an analysis of each client’s current marketing strategy, target market, sales goals, and messaging. Then, they build the campaign, visual look, brand, and powerful messages to communicate a brand’s value proposition to customers and prospects.



Professional, efficient and collaborative, the TechBear team specializes in WordPress websites, marketing/social media campaigns, graphic design work and more. A company that provides exceptional quality for a fraction of the price, TechBear can take companies to the next level, regardless of if the brand is established or growing.

34. The Curious Agency


Working closely with its clients, The Curious Agency strives to push the boundaries of design and in doing so, define what’s new and what’s next. From startups to established brands, they create new, exciting brand and web experiences like no other, leaving customers wanting more.

35. The Next Big Thing – Digital Marketing Agency


The Next Big Thing is a leading digital marketing and advertising agency in India with the eminent RAR recommendation. They help brands break through the noise and rise up against the cut-throat competition in the market. Their wide spectrum of expertise in Digital Marketing, Creative Design, Web Development, Web Design and Branding helps brands reach their true potential.

36. 3 Colours Rule


3 Colours Rule is a multi-award-winning creative branding and marketing agency based in London with clients around the world. Their expertise in neuromarketing and passion for continuously learning new skills make us different. Their purpose is to support their clients’ business goals so they can make a positive impact on society. They offer brand strategy, communication strategy, creative brand identity, design, marketing, web, and social media services.

37. Tidbit Creative


Tidbit Creative’s branding and website packages serve as a foundation for their clients to ensure a well-developed brand from the ground up. However, many clients continue on with additional marketing and design services after their brand completion. Custom packages are tailored based on the needs and budgets of clients so they receive a custom strategy that is right for them.

38. Titan Web Marketing Solutions


Titan Web Marketing Solutions has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes accomplish their marketing goals since 2011. Working from Murfreesboro, TN, their team partners with clients across the country in a collaborative effort to create, refresh or expand their online presence. They believe every business has a story to tell, and think that story is most effective when it’s communicated by professionals like us.

39. Web Design Sun®


Web Design Sun is fully remote web design and development company focused on clients’ results and revenue. They have incredible expertise in creating customized web and mobile solutions. Their programmers are dedicated code maniacs who adore bringing a product to perfection. The agency’s squad of gifted designers prepares bespoke responsive design using the most advanced UI and UX technologies that reinforce websites and attract users. Web Design Sun® Team works remotely to get completely engaged in the development of their clients’ web wishes and needs.

40. Wowbix Digital Marketing


Wowbix is the leading digital marketing agency in New Jersey. It was founded in 2015 and, until now, it has helped more than 100 businesses boost their ROI. Businesses that are looking for services like Branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, Social Media Marketing & PPC can rest assured that Wowbix is their results-oriented and affordable option.

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