Why Your Brand Visual Identity Is Important To Your Business


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1. First impressions matter
2. Your identity must be remembered
3. It sends a clear message
4. It defines your values and services

Why have a well-designed logo? This is the first point of impact with your customers and first impressions count. What would make you stop and make you more curious about a business? It could be a simple shape or icon or striking colors, either way, you have probably got less than a second to get the audience’s attention.


First Impressions Matter


Whether it’s a job interview or a social occasion, you probably have less than a minute to make a good impression, it’s the same with your logo. It’s not about the competitive pricing, the rave reviews on social media, it’s what first impressions come from your logo design.

Getting the logo design right before you launch your business is imperative. If you design it yourself and six months later decide to employ a professional designer to redesign your logo, people will remember the original, not necessarily the redesign, however, new people will see the redesigned logo and their impressions will be just as long-lasting.

The designer must be sympathetic to your marketing strategy understanding your brand fonts and colours which need to reflect and communicate your message throughout all platforms of your campaign.

A well-designed logo will establish your brand identity so when its seen it will be associated with your product and service.


Your Identity must be remembered


Not only must a logo look good, but it can also take a business to another level, such as Samsung or AT&T, both instantly recognisable and trustworthy brands.
A logo can build trust with consistent exposure and customers will always be reminded of your company every time they see it.

Try recognizing at least three brand logos next time you go shopping. The logo should portray everything you use within that Brand. What is your favourite Logo?
Starbucks springs to mind. it has become an authority with coffee and a place to network.

A great logo does not need explaining, you just know what it stands for, such as Virgin, Nike, and McDonald’s to name a few. A successful logo should have five characteristics, it should be:

• Simple
• Scalable
• Memorable / Impactive
• Versatile
• Relevant

According to research memorable logos are 15% more likely to grab customer’s attention resulting in 10% wanting to learn more about the business products or services.


Sends a clear message


Your logo should reflect your company message in its design. All the elements including colours and typography should be consistent with your brand. Let’s examine a few examples:

Nike is a prime example where the ‘Tick’ is one of the most iconic, recognizable emblems in the world as it depicts speed and action which is synonymous with their sports products.

Starbucks is another iconic logo which is based on 16th-century woodcutting illustrating a two-tailed mermaid which has been simplified over the year. It is used to convey the comfort of drinking hot coffee, but at the same time needs no explanation.

Coca Cola actually uses its company name as their logo which has been used since 1887. It has been around for 140 years and has stood the test of time still sending out a strong worldwide message.
The lesson to be learned from these major brands is ‘Simplicity’ and having a clear message which is memorable and sustainable.


Defining your values and services


Your logo represents your brand and is the hub for your company’s voice, message and customer’s relationships.
A brand contains external aspects including your visual identity, which consists of your logo, colours, and typography. These should be consistent throughout your marketing campaign. A good example is Virgin, maintaining their signature font in red throughout all of their brands making them instantly recognizable.


Your brand values will help your business to capture the elements of:


• Personality. What is special about the way you do things.
• Proposition. What unique value are you promising.
• Purpose. Asking ‘Why’ will plant the reason to bring your brand to life.

These will help make your brand stand out rather than being hidden behind every other business within your industry.

A strong memorable, dynamic logo should define your company values and services. Think of popular logos in your industry and what you can do with a professionally designed logo that will put you on the top of the pile and ahead of your competitors.

Ask yourself, ‘Do I really need a Logo?’ Maybe not if you are a small one man band, however, in time, without your company logo, your business is unlikely to be seen or recognized which will hinder your business exposure to your target audience across all funnels.
Have some fun and create a recognizable, dynamic logo that stands out to reflect your business brand. You could be the next Industry leader, look out Bill Gates. Look forward to seeing your Logo. Need help creating a new look for your brand? Contact us Today!

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Jan 18, 2019

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