Is emoji marketing right for your brand?

Make emojis work in your marketing and use emoji marketing in Ireland.

Emoji is a Japanese word meaning a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication. Made up fo two words, Em – picture. Moji – character.

With 92% of people who are online are now using Emojis it makes sense for marketers to include them in the marketing plan, but will they be suitable for your campaign?

Brands attracted to emojis

Brands are realizing the power of emojis

Brands are realizing the power of emojis as a new language for communication. They are using this new medium to attract customers on their mobile phones, which shows that they on top of the latest communications trends and to target their target audience.

There are some situations where companies should consider using emojis to improve engagement with their audience.


Do they relate to your message?


Emojis are an image which should relate and compliment your message evoking feelings and emotions to underline your message.

However there is nothing worse where you misinterpret the situation. For example you send a client a formal quote or presentation and you include an emoji which can send a wrong message.

They are very useful for your brand if used correctly across your social media  platform which makes your message stand out and can improve you conversion rates.


Don’t Try to be too Funny or Clever


Emoji marketing should be an extension of your everyday expressions and as a result they should not come across as being too contrived. If your brand is retailing clothing and you specialist in oversized clothing , its not a good idea to put a smiley face with a hint of blue. It’s forcing the issue. ? They should feel natural and spontaneous. Your brand should connect with your target audience and you should know what is appropriate and what is not.


Stay with Your Brand Message


Many brands are quite formal and rather stuffy so using emojis is a

favourable and fun way to portray your company image as being approachable and informal but at the same time remaining professional.

Emojis should not give cause to depart from your brands message. If you work in the banking industry, sending an emoji of a blowing kiss should be avoided. If used at all a thumbs up , smiley faces, or hands together ( Thank you)would be more suitable. ??


Design Your Own


You could design your own branded emojis like the World Wild Life Fund. They created 17 emojis and encouraged their audience to donate 10 cents for every emoji tweeted. This also highlighted the danger the animals were in

Design your own branded emojis

and their message was seen worldwide which helped the message being spread and the animals being saved.

This is an excellent method of telling your story and reaching a wider audience.


Sending messages of fun and joy


By using emojis incorporating your brand message makes it more personable and fun. It can make digital communication more human. Sometimes businesses can fall into a trap of being too stuffy and emojis demystifies this image and gives them the opportunity to show their personality.

Emojis are the future of brand marketing expressing emotion, fun, building trust and encouraging engaging communication with your target audience.

Emojis the future of brand marketing

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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