How to make the internet work for your business

Expectations of quick and reliable communication is key in today’s fast evolving business world. So it’s almost unthinkable, whilst starting a business or indeed, you need to make the Internet work for business in Ireland.

It is difficult for a new business to juggle the many options of a day to day routine of running a business and make internet work.

Many avenues are now open such as social media , search engines and advertising services which makes it easier and more efficient to promote your business online.


Promote your business online


In 1990 Tim Berners – Lee created the World Wide Web (www.) and gave it to everyone to use. This was then integrated with the internet and the rest is history.

Today nearly every business and individual has access to the web. To have a visible online presence requires having a website that you can use to engage with your target audience and they can draw information from your site to make  informed decisions.

You don’t have to be a genius to create a business website.

  • You can set up a free site through platforms such as WordPress which is free for the basic package and allows you to create informative blogs and engage with your consumers.
  • Online sites such as GoDaddy and Get Your Business Online make it easier to purchase a domain name and get you online sooner rather than later. They can also create a website for you for a low monthly cost.
  • The domain name should reflect the nature of your business, and describes your products and services.


Build Good Content on Your Website


Web sites are used for providing relevant and informative information so this is what you should write into your marketing strategy. Your potential would like to know more about your business so I Your site should be easy to navigate and to guide them through your site  you can include;

  • Your location
  • Opening Hours
  • Contact Information
  • Product / services offered
  • Descriptions of SpecialOffers
  • Business History
  • Reviews / Testimonials


Promote your website address (URL)


Customers have to find your site and this is done via search engines but they have to link into your web address this should be shared across your platforms wherever possible. This includes your business cards, letter heads, invoices brochures and promotional materials.




Blogging platform 

Blogging is a great platform to connect with your customers and engage in conversations and inform them of developments and promotions.

  • Posting regular posts incorporating your website with help from services such as ;
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

Update  your posts regularly to show your site is still active, but not too much.

Make a blog post shareable which allows other bloggers to repost on their site and visa version. This will increase your target audience and drive more customers to your site.


Link Your Website to Mobile Phones


The majority of people today use the web and gather information on their Smart Phones. Your website should be optimized for mobile phones, some service have this service built in however its better to monitor this on a variety of devices to make sure it is accessible and easy to use.


Importance of Social Media


Many of your potential customers use social media and your business should have some sort of engagement with them and maximize the opportunities and information regarding your business.

Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are the major social media platforms where 85% of people use these services so to connect to your customers through social media can attract and increase your customer base and drive sales.




We were always taught if a friend or if anyone wrote you a letter or sent you an invitation you should always reply.This is just common manners. It’s the same in business, so if a customer asks for information or wants to engage in conversation it is essential you reply within a short time frame. This way you will maintain customers engagement, interest and loyalty.

Your customers service department should be incorporated in this part of the marketing plan to insure your customers’ loyalty and keep the communication channels open.

To run a successful business it is necessary now to have a website in order to connect with your target audience and drive people to your site to increase sales and build loyalty and a solid reputation.

What is your website doing for you, are you using the Internet to your full advantage?


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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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