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Brand You has Won the Best Design Company of the Year Award. So what’s next!

Lee Kavanagh, the Managing Director of Brand You, has strived and pushed the company by putting the clients first. Keeping this in mind, he has not forgotten to develop himself, his team and his own company. Pushing boundaries and going the extra mile is what Brand You is all about! Due to our personal touch, we treat our clients’ business as our own!

The company has developed and grown overtime. With this continuous zest and passion for branding and marketing, in 2019 we were honoured with 2 Awards and in 2020 we got honoured with 6 Awards. We are awarded the Best Digital Marketing Agency, Innovation in Branding & Design and Best Design Company of the Year in the Republic of Ireland by CV Magazine, M&A Global Awards, Prestige Awards and Lawyer International.

The First Step

As best in Ireland, winning these awards is a great achievement for Brand You as it is a young brand sustaining its stand in the industry. Brand You began with offering marketing services to clients, just discovering the need for an online presence along with providing scripting and creating videos for the web while embracing new technology in order to maximise the exposure of new businesses. By focusing on innovation, Brand You has established itself as one of Ireland’s leading agencies of today!

Since then Brand You has continued to thrive thanks to Lee’s drive and vision. As the Managing Director, Lee has been responsible for the clients and the employees in the workplace. The team respects him for always being one step ahead, making him test the path and trying to answer the question if the path he chose for BrandYou is the right one to achieve the company’s vision and reach the goals.

All great entrepreneurs choose the path of isolation to achieve their visions so that they can focus and not be distracted from their goals. Lee choose this path to help build the company and take it to the next level. Isolation is an important key to growth and development of character. With the help of isolation, an individual can develop their own perception while discovering themselves as a whole.

Being isolated leads to innovation and will transcend into thinking that will create some of the greatest business plans and ideas. Lee taking this path has led Brand You to great success which is reflected in the awards we have won. Today the company has become a market leader in marketing and branding and has gained their rightful place in the industry.

Progress never stops

As a company that completely focuses on branding and marketing by creating innovative campaigns, winning awards shows us that we have created the right approach that enables us to really push the boundaries of what can be done with branding and solve our clients’ challenges, whatever they may be.

All the projects we have been working on over the years have revolved around this approach. When we worked on the website for Maydenhayes or when we were in the process of creating the website for Hats Hautecouture and for our own brand, we stumbled upon various challenges. But we got the whole team together, found the solution which resulted in some of our best work ever.

By promoting the ‘can do mentality’ within BrandYou, we manage to create a mind-set that everything can be achieved and that seemingly unsolvable problems just need to be looked at from a different perspective. This mind-set lies behind every project we have worked on and is one of the reasons we have won these awards.

Achieving Our Goal

Brand You follows four key values i.e. understanding, insight, creativity and collaboration which enables us to work with clients to understand their brand and its aims, then create their marketing strategy that will drive them forward. As a result, Brand You has been able to support a myriad of clients across the corporate landscape over the years and offer them the benefit of its wisdom and knowledge.

These values being an integral aspect of Brand You’s corporate culture has helped us win these awards. We have always wanted the best for our clients and their brands. This passion has driven us to achieve our goals and grow the company over the years.

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Apr 20, 2020

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