What it’s like to step up your brand positioning with BrandYou

What it’s like to step up your brand positioning with BrandYou


  • What is your customer’s perception of you
  • What do our client’s say about our work
  • How Brand you can help you take a larger slice of the Pie

What is Brand Positioning, you may ask?

Positioning refers to the place that a brand occupies in the mind of the customer and how it distinguishes from products from your competitors.

It is also depends on what your customers’ perception is of you and where your brand identity in Ireland lies with your target audience.


Why is customer perception so important


Everyone in today’s digital age treats Google as their oracle for searching for information that makes goods and services easier to find. This is where your customers will perceive your products and services.

  • Consumers demand good service and quality as well as value from your
  • Provide this on a consistent basis and your customers will perceive you as a trustworthy and reliable business.
  • A bad example of this maybe Ryan Air who are consistently altering their rules and adding charges for their services. What is confusing that people put up with it and continue to use them, Why?

Maybe because they are always on time and their journeys are relatively short so we put up with the no frills attitude, should this result in a negative company perception?

Conversely a positive brand would Be Singapore Airlines. Great value, stunning service and good branding.


How to keep a positive perception


Now that we have touched on customer perception, how do you keep it  positive.

Companies, such as Brand You Creative have the necessary tools to create a positive experience for their customers and can deal with the negative perceptions and rise to the challenge of winning back disgruntled customers.

Here are a few tips to keep a positive perception.

  • Make promises you can keep. Companies should always strive for the truth to install trust and reliability. Marks & Spencers are good exponents of this. Good quality and consistent customer service.
  • Listen! Always listen to the customer, don’t make them an enemy. Find a solution to fit the problem and leave them feeling worthy and happy, if possible. One phrase to practice – No Problem. Keep it positive.
  • Communication is key. Social Media opens channels for complains allowing the minority to hijack your positive perception. So its important to reply quickly or the customers perception could be negative. Hard to turn around. Always act quickly and deal with the problem openly online creating a positive perception.

Customers need to feel good about your rebranding strategy in Dublin, as well as being treated well and the products and services need to reflect the advertising message, this will help increase positive customer perception of your business.


This leads us to what our clients think of our work.


Customers today are using online platforms to voice their business experiences, both positive and negative. Social media has become the chosen platform and if there is one exponent of this is, yes, Donald Trump on Twitter. Very dangerous the way he voices his opinions. Thats another matter.


Positioning your Brand on the Correct Platform


Where ever you may position your brand on Social Media, determines who your target audience are. This opens up communication channels so you can engage with your customers, which allows them to tell you what they think of your products and services.

It is important, therefore to keep conversations positive and open. With the advent of YouTube and Facebook its now possible to post stories in the form of videos. Now the most used and popular medium on social media.

Customers have the power to post opinions online both as static posts with images and videos in real time which gives you little time to react.

Sometimes its best to keep your dignity and don’t engage, but if your audience see this they perceive you don’t care.

It is essential to reply openly and positively by telling your own story to install trust and reliability. This can be posted immediately to reach your target audience thus re-establishing your positive customer perception of your brand.


How Brand You can help you take a larger slice of the pie


Brand You Creative Agency was initiated in Dublin in 2009 by Lee Kavanagh.

Brand You specialists in branding and marketing.

We talked about customer perception and this is an area where Brand You can help with your correct positioning of your brand within the market you specialist in.

They can set up a positive campaign which, with the right tools and expertise can counteract negative perceptions of your brand and place you in a positive market.

They set up social network platforms on an individual basis to suit your business requirements. They research your target audience and set up channels for you to engage with your target audience.

Brand You is a market leader when it comes to branding and marketing. They help you in developing your company concept with the expertise of their professional team of designers who will, with full consultation, help you create a campaign to enhance and develop your brand.

Tell us what you think your customers perception of you is. Let us help you improve you perception rating, Lee is waiting to hear your story.


Brand You Creative

Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 6, 2018

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