Your Name Your Brand

Your Name Your Brand


You may think that choosing a name for your new product or company is easy, but once you’ve sat down and discovered that nitty-gritty of brand naming and possibilities of legal issues, you’d hope there would be experts in the field that could guide you to the right path.

Choosing a name for your company can be a minefield but with the expertise and experience of Brand You we can guide you through this process with your input a suitable name will immerge reflecting your company’s brand.

Fortunately, Brand You Creative is just the best team of professionals you’d want to assist you with branding strategy, company and product naming, nomenclature systems, trademark screening, global language checks, and other aspects of brand naming.

Brand Naming Strategy

With every brand naming strategy BrandYou Creative develops our team takes into account what your competition does in this regard and what will be the long term implications of choosing a particular name.

Aside from the important impression a brand name gives to a company, Brand You Creative also guarantee that the chosen name has the right connotation, so your branding has the greatest impact on your target audience.

Company Naming

Striking the perfect blend of tone and style is crucial when choosing a company name. It’s one of the biggest decisions a business owner has to face and it will become a foundation for future branding work.

Naming a company involves plenty of considerations. Brand You Creative understands this more than anyone and will support you in this important decision with the help of our experts.

Product and Service Naming

Are you planning to name your product or service with a literal one? Something in the vein of “awesome red bubble soap” that require no explanation? Or are you gearing in the direction of a more abstract name, which captures the product’s essence without being too literal?

Brand You Creative can be a non-bias voice to your decision. We know what your audience wants. We can guide you with product and service naming from consultation to final decisions and implementation.

Nomenclature Systems

Branding involves a lot of industry-specific terminologies, so if your company is just starting out but wants to implement their company or product launch as professionally as possible, then Brand You Creative can be your wordsmith in picking out established words and meanings for your particular audience, market and niche.

Trademark Screening

Trademark infringement isn’t just a serious legal matter, but if your company doesn’t take steps in checking for trademark issues before launching a company, product or service, going through the process of rebranding and relaunching can be a waste of time, money and effort.

Give the Brand You Creative team the lead to screen possible trademark concerns using several local and international resources.

Global Language Checks

People around the world follow different religions, cultures, beliefs and languages, which is why it’s so easy to have a misunderstanding with someone from another country. If your company is aiming for an international reach and want to make sure you present no offensive language or name inappropriate products/services, Brand You Creative can advise you on the best course of action.

Brand Naming Research

Brand You Creative has all the best tools and knowledge backed by years of experience to conduct brand naming research effectively. It’s not just about checking if your chosen brand name directly infringes on an existing patent or copyright, but even the likeness or sounding too similar to another brand can affect your sales and reputation in the future.


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