Businesses that have just begun taking their products or services to the next level can benefit from Brand You Creative’s comprehensive branding services. Our creatives are ready to brainstorm with you regarding your company name; product name, branding visual message, branding strategy, and marketing your brand on a wide range of platforms.
It’s the first step your marketing campaign, so Brand You will guide you through this process with the full support of our professional marketing team.

Your Name Your Brand

It would be counterproductive if your name didn’t reflect your brand. You would have to understand that your business name and brand evoke a feeling which occupy a mental space in your existing customers so when the need arises for your services, they automatically think of your company.

As such, we use the power of words strategically to find your special branding, so that whenever a recipient hears this name it will be synonymous with your product.
We apply our expertise to design your logos to create the maximin impact in the market place so your brand will be unique and memorable.

Brand Visual Message

We don’t just help with naming your company, product or service, The Brand You Creative team also takes the message into account when developing the brand. What kind of overall impression does a particular signage, advertising, or graphic send off to your audience? Is it serious or frivolous? Upmarket or low-end? With Brand You on your side, you’re guaranteed that all these will be considered in the creative process.

Brand Verbal Message & Strategy

The Brand verbal message, on the other hand, refers to the impression conveyed by your mission statement. It literally deals with answering the question: “What does it say about your company?”

Like every branding-related service we provide, the choice of words is crucial as this would “position” your brand in a certain way which could either attract or alienate your potential clients.

Brand Strategy Focus

Given that your Brand will be seen across many platforms by people who are in different stages of a relationship with your company, it would be inconsistent to have a focus for your brand one month and change it the next. Doing so would only serve to confuse your target market, which is not the desired result.

Brand You Creative can provide your company with a solid brand strategy focus, which would ensure no distractions are made during any of your campaigns.

Brand Digital Design Marketing

With brand digital design marketing, the Brand You Creative team always takes into account the ways people search for information and since you’re online all your company’s information and product details should represented on all devices (from desktop PCs to laptops, mobile phones, or even gaming consoles).


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