Visual Message involves multiple facets that are separate and distinct but must work seamlessly together. As a company with a unique voice, the whole idea of a visual message is to present a cohesive harmonious image throughout your marketing plan.

At Brand You Creative, we ensure that your company message remains consistent in every way possible when presenting to the target market.

Brand Identity Design

Brand You Creative are experts at researching, designing and launching your brand that is congruent with your company’s vision, voice, philosophy, and target market.

Visual Identity Systems

At Brand You Creative, we offer customized and well-designed visual identity systems to keep branding consistent across all platforms and marketing plans.

Experience Design

The way your clients use your website and interact with your brand online is crucial to their first impression. This has a big impact on their first impression of your brand and how they may perceive your business. Brand You take this into consideration and through their experienced team of professionals will consult with you to find a dynamic and memorable design for your business.

With Brand You Creative’s help, we can guarantee that your company’s website sends off a memorable first-impression to its visitors, and ultimately turn these online leads into paying customers, and then into returning and loyal customers.


Logos shouldn’t be an afterthought, since it is a huge part of your marketing materials. The talented graphic artists of Brand You Creative design your logo to reflect your business and what it stands for.

This should run through every aspect of your company from your stationary to your online presence. The logo is the first item that will be seen so should create the biggest impact to your target audience.

Colour Palettes

Colour palettes don’t just bring life to a logo, banner, signage, or even e-zines. When chosen perfectly, this group of colours will become your company’s trademark look.

Brand You Creative is up-to-date with colour trends of graphic design and uses its extensive experience in using specific colours with every platform to synchronize the look of a company’s brand across multiple media (paper, web, digital, etc.).

Brand You Creative provides you with a brand style guide in digital form, which you can use as a general guide for contractors and staff when designing any marketing material for your product or service. This way, your theme and look are always in line with your brand.


Typography may just be about the typeface/font of your logo, banner, website, or more, but it continues to be a crucial choice. A single change in typeface can substantially alter the meaning of your logo or marketing materials. The Brand You Creative team is obsessed with the perfect typography, so you can be rest assured that we’ll take fonts into account when working on your projects.

Graphic Motifs

If your project requires a particular motif, Brand You Creative can readily handle it for you, ensuring the end-result would still retain positive brand impression.

Imagery Styles

Choosing illustrations, line drawings, and other types of imagery is also an important element in impressive graphic design. Brand You Creative knows what works – from deciding whether to go with black-and-white or coloured, to picking the most appropriate image for a job, we know that these visual elements must gel with the whole brand concept in terms of feel and tone.

Packaging Design

Many of our clients have a physical product to sell, so we ensure that all packaging is in line with the brand. Brand You Creative can help you develop your own brand style guide for suppliers, which they would in turn use to ensure accuracy of design and colour shades, even if you use multiple contractors at every marketing campaign.


Many companies still use standard printing for brochures and letterheads etc. and even if we’ve adapted to online marketing, Brand You Creative still retained tried-and-tested traditional marketing services like printed literature (annual reports, magazines, brochures, and so on).

Graphic Design

Brand You Creative accepts any graphic design projects no matter how big or small


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