At Brand You Creative Agency, we offer a complete solution to develop your company’s brand verbal message and strategy. Our team understands that the brand’s voice and tone on all kinds of media (image, text, video, and so on) should be given meticulous care and attention. We promise to come up with a coherent presentation of your whole brand using the best industry standards and techniques.

Brand Voice

The Brand You Creative team can ensure that you voice is in line with your brand collaterals and the tone must reflect your brand values, especially when you introduce new products or services.

Consistency with your brand’s “voice” improves the user experience of your potential and existing customers. It strengthens your company’s credibility and let you gain the trust of new customers.

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Brand Messaging

Brand You Creative will work day and night to ensure your message and voice remains consistent across different social media and any other customer-facing platforms.

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Communication Plans

Many businesses only focus on the web, when they should have an overarching content plan with both the old and new media outlets.

With the help of Brand You Creative and its PR professionals, we can guarantee that your communications with radio, print, and other media is on point at all times.

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Content Marketing Plans

Your content marketing plan is the foundation upon which we build your campaigns. If you’re not sure how to get started, let our creatives help you brainstorm and develop a solid content marketing plan for your company’s short-term or long-term goals.

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Content Strategy

Strategizing what types of content would work for your target audience on a specific platform… and what types won’t work can be overwhelming. At Brand You Creative, we ensure that all content you release to the public tells a consistent message, tone, and feel that are true to your branding and company ideals.

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Writing Guidelines, Training and Workshops

Brand You Creative Agency believes in empowering our clients and helping them get to the heart of their brand stories. To do this, we work with them continuously from developing writing guidelines, or conducting full-blown training and workshops specially-designed and facilitated for their unique needs.

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Brand Stories

Every company has a story to tell, but a business owner or CEO may find it hard to convey this story because they’ve been part of the journey for a long time. It takes someone on the outside to help bring their story out.

Your brand story is crucial because storytelling is deeply embedded in the human psyche; historically it was the way to pass on important information. Today, brand story continues to be a major element in marketing, alongside a compelling presentation that capture your markets’ imagination, builds relationships, and reveals your “personality” and corporate values.

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Brand Taglines

The Brand You Creative team can show you how to create standout taglines, which work well with the main drift of your brand. We’ll make sure that the taglines developed are not superfluous and given focused attention to convey the intended message from your brand strategy.

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Copy Guides

Brand You Creative Agency has years of experience creating copy and process guides based on the needs of different clients.

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Web Content

Your web content is based on your central story and its threads run through everything else your company makes public. If you need help with this story, and wish to share something interesting, informative, or promotional to your target audience, our professional copywriters are ready to take on any task.

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Video Scripts

Whenever you need to craft compelling video scripts that remain in line with your brand values, Brand You Creative Agency can oversee your project and ensure that the overall look, feel and presentation follows your video strategy.

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