At Brand You Creative, we work alongside our clients to find their brand “voice” and identify their company’s purpose, philosophy, and values. All these elements are used in crafting a long-term branding strategy, which will ultimately affect how well your target market feels about you, the product or service you offer, and their decision to buy what you’re selling or not.

Creating a strategy for your company’s brand positioning, brand alignment and brand architecture is no easy feat, but our team is eager to get your brand strategy focus rolling.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning creates an instant impression from your potential and existing customers’ minds.

“Are we high end? Or cut price cheap and cheerful?”
“Do Rolex watches come free with a can of coke?”

Brand You Creative can help you implement effective brand positioning, or do it for you instead.

Brand Purpose

Before you launch any marketing campaign, you have to answer this fundamental question: “Just what is your brand’s purpose?” The answer to this question will become your inherent promise to potential clients.

If you need help expressing this promise during a product launch, promotion, or any kind of experience your clients will be exposed to, Brand You Creative can help you deliver.

Brand Promise

Your brand is a promise of quality and integrity. It says “You already know what you get and enjoy from us, so you can trust us with our new offering.”

Your brand promise is central to gaining the trust of your customers, who will ultimately be the people handing over their hard- earned money in exchange for your product or service.

Brand Values

Brand You Creative has helped many companies realise their corporate values and implement them through one campaign to the next. The importance of finding your brand’s values traverse across a spectrum. Whatever values your company decides to focus on… Brand You Creative is ready to ensure that these values shine through your brand.

Brand Voice

Your brand voice sets the tone of your message. It can be a subtle dialogue or a loud shout out. Depending on the type of story, content, or feeling you wish to share to your audience, Brand You Creative can get it on point for you.

Brand Architecture

Brand You Creative can also help you design your brand architecture. This structure will convey how the potential clients experience your brand:

Is your brand architecture angular and hard on the eyes and ears?
Or is it friendly, welcoming and easy on the eye?

Brand Alignment Strategy

You can pinpoint which companies have a legitimate brand alignment strategy in place. They are the companies that are true to their beliefs, values and philosophies and launch products and services that are authentic and in-line with their brand.

Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to develop or re-align a brand, so for brands that are “feeling lost,” Brand You Creative can help companies rediscover what your brand has to offer.


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