Brand Digital Design Marketing

In today’s economy, information is predominantly delivered digitally. Marketing channels have changed drastically in recent years thanks to the boom of social media.

For companies serious about implementing a proper brand digital design and marketing, having a strategic plan makes a huge difference.

At Brand You Creative, we offer do-it-for-you, training or consultancy of the following services:

Website Design

Brand You Creative is home to a team of very skilled web designers and programmers who can work with your company in planning, brainstorming, testing, and launching your website based on your brand vision.

Website Development

Your Website is not a static entity. It needs to change as you, your company and your customers evolve and adapt to a quick-changing global landscape. You don’t have to be on top with the trends of web dev; our Brand You Creative team can implement these changes whenever needed.

Design For Print

Even businesses that have successful digital marketing campaigns require traditional materials every now and then. If your company needs advice with deciding printed design elements, help with writing a design guideline for other contractors, or simply want to outsource the design job, Brand You Creative is here to help and ensure your brand integrity remains intact with every task at hand.

Digital Strategy

Any business plan should include a comprehensive and well-thought of digital strategy, since companies without web presence will find it hard to survive in today’s marketing environment. Every company is different, so let Brand You Creative assess your business requirements and work with you to craft a custom-made digital strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (PPC)

Search Engine Marketing is highly effective because not only do pay-per-click ads target the right kind of customers to your site, but also promotes your business where interested clients are. Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to write ad copy, determine PPC pricing, or implement ads based on the best timing, best platform, and so on. Brand You Creative can guide you through every aspect of your search engine marketing and PPC campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation involves a ton of techniques (from graphic design, content writing, or programming) that are all aimed at bringing your website’s ranking higher on Google search engine results. SEO is one of the most complicated phase of internet marketing, but if you can successfully implement best SEO approaches, it could help with improving site traffic, getting the attention of potential customers, and eventually making a sale. You don’t even have to learn everything about SEO. Brand You Creative can manage your SEO campaign from start to finish.

Website Planning

Planning for a website isn’t just about the initial phases of creating a company site. Instead, the planning should go further down the road and take into account changes necessary to maintain brand integrity even months or years after the website launch. This takes considerable foresight and organization, so let Brand You Creative help you with your approach.

Social Media Engagement

Managing Facebook, Twitter or Instagram involves a special kind of skill to be able to engage people with your posts. But when done right, impressive social media engagement could lead to actual sales. What kind of company doesn’t want to boost sales? If your company requires help with increasing social media engagement, Brand You Creative can give your staff some tips and guidelines, conduct training for your staff, or just manage your entire social media portfolio for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continuously evolves over time, but it remains one of the most effective techniques of turning leads into paying customers, gaining customer trust, and building your brand. However, as with all things related to marketing, there is a right way and wrong way to do it. Brand You Creative can ensure that your company creates and launches an effective email marketing campaign the first time around, saving you money and effort, while reaping the rewards.


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