What is Copywriting? An Inside Skill That Every Marketer Needs


Let us talk about the important skill every marketer needs in Ireland.

Copywriting is writing creative text for various forms of marketing including advertising. Copy, the written text is aimed at increasing brand awareness and to influence an individual or group to take a particular action.

Copywriters are writers of advertising promotional materials as well, as ; websites, emails, brochures and more.

Not to be confused with editorial , copywriting is about persuading the reader to take action whether it be to buy into your services or goods. It is a good method to engage with their customers by providing good, interesting and engaging text.

Copywriting should not be confused with Copyright

Copyright’s purpose is to protect business material, for example images relative to your business, and prevent the material being used illegally. A prime example is the practice of streaming music for free.

You could get a college degree or you may not have even finished school, either way you could still enter the world of copywriting. Age does not matter or indeed where you work. It could be at home, where mothers or retirees could happily produce copy.

All you need is a computer or iPad and a good internet connection, which is what I am using now and writing in my local library. All the qualifications you need is to be able to compose a letter to a friend or an interesting email.

Write Ideas - Copywriting
It is quite surprising that companies are finding it hard to find good freelance copywriters to help them sell their products and services.There are courses you can take to set you in the right direction such as Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting which is a popular way to become a freelance copywriter.

What Skills Are required to be Competitive

Obviously to be outstanding you have to be a good writer. A good command of grammar, punctuation, spelling and a large bank of vocabulary are essential. Practice makes perfect is very true. The more you write on a regular basis your writing skills will be improved and become more attractive.


When writing copy look on it as a blank canvas and colour it with words which evoke feelings and use descriptive words, making it more interesting and influential in order for the reader to react and take action. Write as if you are talking to a friend in a coffee shop, not like a robot. Be controversial and make suggestions by writing sentences that flow and are easy to understand.

Be Curious & Adventurous

I ask travelers I meet on my adventures, if you get to the end of a street on your travels do you turn the corner or turn round and go back? Most say they turn the corner as they want to know what’s happening. Well guess what, Copywriting is the same. Are you curious?

You can find so many different and interesting ways in writing about a topic to be unique. If you are a travel writer would you write about a night in the local bar or about a trek through the jungle describing the vibrant, colorful rare tropical birds which are seen maybe once every two years.


Even if you think you know about a topic or an unfamiliar subject research is something that feeds your curiosity and  your thirst for knowledge. Ask ; Who, Where, Why, When and How.

Finding New Material

If you have been given an assignment pick out one particular aspect, for instance if you are assigned to write about horror novels, it’s too broad, so you could review one particular novel. View blogs of similar writers trending  in your subject which are influencers (BuzzSumo is good for this) This will ignite your approach and connect with them to exchange thoughts.

Ask yourself what the reader wants, what demographic they fit into and what is your target audience. Make your copy light hearted, informative and engaging and have fun. Oh I forgot, Revise Revise, Check spelling and one more time Review your content. It’s embarrassing sending copy riddled with mistakes so that’s what I am going to do now.

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 11, 2018

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