Your complete guide to Brand recall

Your complete guide to Brand recall

Let us talk about a guide to brand awareness in Ireland.

How often do you finish a product and immediately write on your shopping list the same branded replacement without any hesitation, for example Fairy

Guide to Brand recall


washing up liquid. You would buy this repeatedly as you trust and believe in it and its always a pleasant experience. This is Brand Recall.

This is also known as brand awareness where a consumer identifies your brand from a list of competitors. Unaided brand recall is when a consumer makes a choice from brands that they randomly come to mind.




Brand Recall is a good indicator for determining the effectiveness of your brand awareness and is the best measure for pre-purchase awareness and visibility to website.




The negative side that it does not measure the intent to buy because awareness does not directly effect purchases


Brand Recognition


When you are watching a TV program or a film there are products succinctly placed in each scene which we process and recognise. A prime example is when you see a scene from  TV or a film where there is an office, you will see a stream of Apple computers which you will become aware of the brand

A Scene From The Intern

A Scene From The Intern

immediately. When you go to your computer shop your brain recognises the brand straight away and makes an instant decision to buy.

What other brands do you remember when you last watched  a film?

Brand recognition is how use the information processed by our conscious to identify a brand, which could be a negative experience. You could recognise a horrible packet of sweets just by looking at the brand, or remembering how awful they tasted just by looking at the logo.This has a huge influence on our choices.


Quiz !


1 When you think of cars what 3 major brands do you think of ?

__________.        _________.       _________

2 What 4 Clothing Brands do you Buy?

__________.      ______________.         ______

3  What 3 sports shoes would you buy

_______.      _______ _____.    __________

4 What are your favorite carbonated drinks

____ ____.   _______ _______


Survey your product


There are various brand studies which can be used to formulate your marketing strategy;

  • Brand Image. Collecting Internal and External feedback to see how closely your customers decisions are aligned to your Brand Identity that your trying to grow.
  • Brand Trust. Keeping data on the level of brand trust is important. If your customers do not trust your brand then you will loose their loyalty.
  • Brand Loyalty. Customer Loyalty is key to retaining your customer base and you need to measure the level of consistency otherwise you could loose your customers.

Branding recall is an important factor in your marketing strategy as if you fail to measure the reactions of your customers your brand trust and reputation could suffer. It would be costly to neglect this aspect as it would mean realigning your market strategy and possible rebranding to get back into a prime position.

What Brands do you consistently purchase ? Would you change the brand if it was not available or wait?

Here is an Interesting Topic for you all to read on How to measure brand awareness

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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