Tips to build content for social media

Tips to build content for social media

Design content for social media



If you want to know tips to build social in Ireland, read more and learn how to build excellent social media content.

Everyday there are 500 million tweets, 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook and 95 million photos and videos downloaded on Instagram. This highlights why social media is so crucial in helping businesses maximize their exposure and driving traffic to their websites increasing sales and engagements.

To make your social media more dynamic and efficient it is important to create a unique attractive design which should be consistent throughout your social media campaign. There are many ways that  you could integrate these simple ideas into your social media to increase your target audience. Ask yourself would you build a house without a  plan, how long would it stand ? It is essential to create a solid plan for your Social Media Campaigns and build great content to project a strong presence and a firm foundation for your business. Audit Your Social Media ChannelsRecently the long established business, The House of Frasier was sold  mainly because it failed to embrace Social Media, for instance, online sales. Today the majority of businesses need to embed their marketing strategy into Social Media to communicate and keep their customers abreast of their latest offers and developments. Choose a relevant subject and research it then plan your approach. Create a draft and review again and again. Make sure it’s relevant to your business.Rebekah Carter Is a great exponent of this doctrine.

Audit Your Social Media Channels

  • Review the Social Media Channels you are already on.
  • Decide which you should keep and which you will discard.
  • Decide which to add (if any)

Ask yourself which channels are suitable for your business. Which channel is my audience on, one way to find out is to research your competitors sites and see which platform they use.(Fan page Karma) How large are there followings and are they generating a high level of engagements.  


  Not everyone is proficient in taking good quality images or videos so a simple solution, use your smartphone. The quality today is amazing and very accessible. Plan for Creative Visul Content There are two apps which are so easy to use and give you a really professional result, the first being Phonto for pictures, adding text and Logos, the second is Vont for videos. ( Both are free downloads) Canva is also very popular. GIMP is a powerful image editor which mirrors most of Adobes software. Uplash is a great source for stock images and all are free and legal to use. Of course you can use a professional graphic designer who will manage your account and keep your platforms fresh and up to date as well as offering advice to maximize your exposure. It is wise to have a three month review plan to update your content, banners and logo and within that period refresh on a weekly or monthly basis. It is essential that all your content, colours and images are consistent with your brand and flow through your campaign.  

Sharing and Promoting on Social Media

  Here are a few ways how social channels can help promote your brand :

  • Blogging
  • Web Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Customer Testimonials

You may be using some of these already so share them on social media. When sharing it is a complete NO NO to talk bout yourself, it’s not socially acceptable, it is after all  SOCIAL MEDIA. Compose a solid bank of blog posts related to your industry and choose a platform to publish them which will maximize coverage of your target audience. Make the subject relative to your business and use humor, stories, researched facts and statistics to back up your article. Keep it interesting and give your audience something to take away, such as web links or   access to an ebook or video. Many years ago I read in The London Evening Standard  advertising a building company in Tooting, South London which is predominantly Ethnic Indian. ‘You have Tried the Cowboys so now Try the Indians’ Brand You Creative Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Aug 29, 2018

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