Our Secret to finding Your brands Voice

Copywriting is a recognised way to influence your audience into taking action to buy your products and services. Learn the best ways of finding your brand voice in Ireland. 

Finding Your Brands Voice

When you were playing in the school playground did you blend in to feel safe or were you an instigator, either good or bad? Were you born to stand out?

Before you jump headlong into hiring your team of photographers, designers to create your logo and determine your brand colours, ask yourself what is your USP (unique Selling Point) what makes you different? How will your character determine how your prospects will perceive your brand voice and identity?

Finding Your Brands Voice


What are Your Core Values

Your core values can shape the character of your business and tell your prospects, existing customers and employees what type of person you are and how you may engage with your target audience.

One of the prime values is consistency. Consumers value consistency as it relates to trust, loyalty and a good reputation. Great leaders who empathize with their employees and customers, for example, Richard Branson who has wit, character curiosity and most important of all, good manners. All good traits for positive strong core values.

What Brands Do You Like?

My number one brand I absolutely love is Apple. Their designs and innovation is awesome and they have built a strong relationship with their customer base which grows exponentially on a daily basis. So what voice do you like ?

Is Your Work Ethic Different?

Companies have different methods of doing business despite them being in the same industry, for instance, the clothing industry. There is TopShop at one end of the spectrum and Crew Clothing at he higher end. Yes they have different approaches to reaching their target audience.

TopShop concentrate on a certain age group from teenagers to low twenties, whereas Crew Clothing cater for the more discerning richer sporty types.

Each company will have different approaches to their Branding Voice depending on their core values whilst being in the same market.

Having established your company values, you can start to evolve your personality. Language style is influential in who and how you do business with. Formal language portrays a sense of professionalism as well  as being knowledgeable and respectful ( good Manners)

On the other hand it could put people off by being too stuffy and not open to suggestion. Which would you prefer;

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Finding Your Brand’s Voice in your Copy

Brand’s Voice in your Copy

Writing copy should reflect how you speak however it does not mean your style must be casual ; you can still apply the same principles of manners and respect to your reader without all the formal technology. It is still important to include visual data like statistics or a graph to break up the text.

Your personality should shine through so you create a human and personable  engagement with your audience thus bonding and building relationships.

Try reading your copy aloud to a friend or colleague and if it’s not pleasurable to listen to it means it’s too stiff or  too casual. If you use complicated language and is not understandable it could alienate your readers. Using simple language can inspire and give a sense of trust. However if you use really simple language it could be deemed to be patronizing.

So find a good balance that attracts your audience to your brand’s voice, then they will follow you and increase your reputation.

Have you found your secret to finding your brands voice or are you just beginning to be curious?

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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