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Merging all your online marketing tools into a strategy is important. So I’m going to talk about an online strategy which you can implement into your business.if you link social networking sites such as ;youtube, facebook, and twitter to your own website for let’s say a 12 month window, you will greatly increase your visibility and widen your viewership potential.

Online marketing is a very good business idea and it is a cost effective way to market your business online. Some people use perhaps one of these social media platforms but still don’t have a formulated strategy. So why not sit down and formulate a 12 month strategy with a month by month view of what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. What I would suggest is publishing your online newsletter on a monthly basis. This is a useful online marketing tool as it ensures regular contact with your customer base. It is a good way of sharing information, views and expert tips with your customers. Why not give them some extra incentive by including special offers. Likewise, blogs are a really simple and effective online  marketing  tool.  If you are only doing possibly one blog a month, you need to be more interactive with your blog, maybe look at giving a bit more free advice for your industry or service. When you  use that in conjunction with your Facebook posts or twitter comments,  It becomes a regular occurrence; people know what they will be receiving. There is a  very simple ways to develop an online marketing  strategy that you can follow over a 12 month basis.

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