How to Lead and Stand Out Amidst your Competitors

How to lead and stand out amidst your competitors

Stand out amidst competitors in Ireland.

There is so much more to a great portfolio than just a beautiful layout, content of an impressive ‘about’ page. A brand portfolio is a chance to show potential and existing clients who you are, your work, work ethic, style and passion. Direct and clear communication with both words and images is necessary for clients to browse your site quickly while absorbing the information they need to make the decision to contact you.

The quality of your website is directly linked to the quality of the clients you will attract. Your website is your very best portfolio. It is not uncommon for potential clients to fill out an enquiry on the basis of how creative your brand portfolio is. The potential client might just be there to verify what they have already heard about you.

When your own website is executed correctly i.e. the branding, positioning, photography and copywriting, the potential client will translate that the company is up-to-date and has the ability to design their brand and will have the surety that their company design will be executed well. But if your own website is not up to snuff, then it is important to bring up the level of quality you expect for your future clients.

Designers solve problems for their clients on every day basis whether it is increased credibility through a new aesthetic, more conversions through a better site flow or better functionality through solid web design and development. It is important to showcase the work your company has done for the previous clients as that showcases the brand’s journey and the company’s progress.

Clients want to find the right agency, so they need to know your performance immediately. Showcasing the work for the previous client will directly reflect how you will design their brand. A brand portfolio is the best summary where you can display your work and designs. You are not giving out all details but showing a glimpse of the work you have achieved.

Brand portfolio shows What You Do

You have your own style and so do your clients. Showcase that style in your design portfolio in one of two ways. Firstly, choose to be a specialist. Establish an aesthetic, style and brand that are recognizably yours. If you want a rustic feel, then the design should show a distinct vintage style that will draw clients who are specifically looking for this specific niche.

If the brand portfolio showcases specialized work, you will likely attract projects that are completely aligned with your stylistic preference or take the approach to be stylistically malleable. Clients will notice that you have a grasp of several different design styles that vary depending on the project, industry or brand.

However you decide to present yourself, always present the work that makes you shine the brightest. Ask yourself what projects have moved the needle for you in the company; was the work for a high-end client? Was the assignment cutting-edge? Are your photos and videos high-quality and captivating? This all will indicate the company’s creativity and standards.


Why an impressive brand portfolio is good for business

The purpose and benefits of a marketing portfolio are pretty straightforward. It is a forum to demonstrate the business abilities. It is a chance to launch relationships with prospective clients and a way to establish your brand. If you are doing it optimally, through creating your brand portfolio delivers an even wider range of benefits that you might realize.

  • Say exactly what you want

The brand portfolio is a self-contained space where you can do and say exactly what you want to convey. This gives you the opportunity to completely explore and home that message for the industry at large and for yourself.

  • Make room for improvements

In creating a document for outside appraisal, you are also holding a mirror up to your skills and offerings. By showcasing what you do well, you might discover what you can do better or differently.

  • Keep a watch on the competition

If you are performing proper due diligence, you are also studying competitor portfolios. This process can provide invaluable insight into your position in the marketplace and into the plan of action you can take to improve it.

  • Collaborate with your team

The brand portfolio is a creative project in its own way, ideally involving the talents and perspectives of numerous members of the team. It’s an effective way to get different departments collaborating on one common goal.

How your brand portfolio will stand out

A brand portfolio is a representation of your company with a clear and focused goal on the vision and message of the brand. The portfolio should showcase the work you have done for yourself as well as what has been done for other businesses. If you are a retail business your brand portfolio would include the latest products to your brand line. For instance, if you are customizing a product for your customer, the unique and exclusive product should be a part of the portfolio for potential buyers to see.

There are various industries which think they don’t require a brand portfolio but are incorrect in regards to it. For example, the construction industry can display the before and after images of the site they have worked on. This will reflect the succession of their work along with showing potential clients their process.

Even an industry such as Food and Beverage, can create an unique brand portfolio to show their products and menus. The brand portfolio can keep updating with the latest products and services that they offer to the customers. The brand portfolio can also include customer reviews which can add a personal touch to their brand.

Every industry can display their work in a unique way through their brand portfolio to help the customers understand what they are doing and what their brand provides. The brand portfolio is a creative way to showcase your talent and brand vision with imagery and content. Every industry has something unique to offer their customers and the portfolio is innovative to display it.

The brand portfolio should display the work done for clients five years back as well not just the current clients’ work. The brand portfolio should convey how your work is perfectly suited for your clients’ needs and preferences. But the most important thing that should be included in the brand portfolio is the call to action.

Many brand portfolios do not include a call to action which makes it a dead end for the clients. When you add a call to action, you are leaving the next step up to your potential client. They might click over to your services page or your contact page, or they might leave your site altogether which isn’t good.

The user has just spent the time to browse your work making it the best opportunity to invite them to check out your client work or process and go ahead and book you! Spur them into action while hoping they find their way to those other important pages of the website. The brand portfolio should be used to show the passion you feel for your own brand and the clients’ brands.


How Brand You can help you take a larger slice of the pie

Brand You Creative Agency was initiated in Dublin in 2009 by Lee Kavanagh.

Brand You specialists in branding and marketing.

We talked about customer perception and this is an area where Brand You can help with your correct positioning of your brand within the market you specialist in.

They can set up a positive campaign which, with the right tools and expertise can counteract negative perceptions of your brand and place you in a positive market.

They set up social network platforms on an individual basis to suit your business requirements. They research your target audience and set up channels for you to engage with your target audience.

Brand You is a market leader when it comes to branding and marketing. They help you in developing your company concept with the expertise of their professional team of designers who will, with full consultation, help you create a campaign to enhance and develop your brand.

Tell us what you think your customers perception of you is. Let us help you improve you perception rating, Lee is waiting to hear your story.



Brand You Creative

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