Breaking the 8-second barrier: how to ace your online content strategy

Ace your online content strategy in Ireland. But first, ask yourself these questions.

What is your online content strategy? Why are you creating content? Who are you helping and how will you do this in a unique way?

Content marketing is a good way to build your audience and it contributes to increase your revenue stream, reduce costs and improve your customer base. If there is no strategy, companies become less effective at content marketing and may face challenges in implementing content marketing strategies.

To create the right content strategy think SMART:


SMART - content strategy


What are you targets for your content marketing strategy. If the goals are not understandable and cant be measured it will be impossible to measure your progress. So lets think;

  • Specific : statements like ‘ Grow your Audience’ are too vague. ‘Grow your customer base by 55% this year’ or ‘Increase sales revenue by 35% this quarter.’
  • Measurable : Setting realistic goals that are measurable with definable numbers means tracking your progress is easier.
  • Achievable : Don’t set unrealistic goals
  • Realistic: Are you aims realistic to your mission statement. Are they achievable.
  • Timely : Set a timetable to achieve your goals and then break it down to set a time for the short term goals. This way you are able to measure your momentum and your progress.


Your Plan


When formulating a plan it is useful to gather all the relevant information you have on your planned content and create a keep the useful, useable content.

The plan will outline the specifics on how you intend to execute your strategy and who in the team will be implementing the task. It’s important to note that its preferential to have a marketing strategy before you create a content plan.

So if your marketing plan relates to your content plan it should include details of the subjects you intend to cover, what content to be used and how you intend to share your content with a call to action.


Keep A Diary


Now that you have implemented your plan you can plan to streamline your content by creating an editorial calendar. This will allow you to plan when your content is going to be published in advance on a regular basis.

Review your content planning  on a regular basis and iron out any problems. For example, your content approval system may be taking too much time thus hindering your publishing schedule.


Measuring Progress


Measuring progress coupled with the results of your content strategy,  allows you to define how well your content is performing.

If the majority of your content is web based keeping a record of your progress should be measured around your web analytics tool.this could be Google Analytics for example.

Evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) regularly and you will see whether your efforts are effective or you may need to create a new content strategy.


Should my Content Marketing Strategy Be Updated


Some parts of your content should remain consistent such as your mission statement and your business plan. However there are other areas which could be beneficial to review and updated from time to time. These could include core topics which may not be no longe relevant to your content strategy as time goes by so may have to be rescheduled, adjusted, reviewed or rewritten. So your content strategy should be fairly flexible.

Is your content strategy up to date? Is it in place? Does your Marketing Plan blend in with your Content Strategy?

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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