How does your Branding Strategy represent you

Branding Strategy

Ask yourself, what is your market? Do you know the best brand strategy that represents you in Ireland?

‘A Brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is’ Scott Cook

Your brand is not just your logo, name or mission statement, it’s the whole relationship and experience that your customers have with your company, product and services.

Your branding strategy in Ireland relates to what you stand for and what you represent. Your strategy should be consistent through your marketing plan. It reflects in the everyday engagement you have within the market place in:

  • The campaigns, contents and message you post on your website
  • The way your employees engage with consumers
  • Consumers feedback towards your business against your competition
  • The images you post throughout your campaigns

What defined strategy are you using for your brand? How is it representing your business.

Neutral,Worst, Best Case.


You have not put a branding strategy in place because you don’t think its necessary or relevant however your perception of communicating consistently in the market could be improved.


You don’t have a brand strategy in place and its really difficult to engage with potential customers and persuade them to purchase from you.


Customers know exactly what your company offers within the branding and marketing strategy. As a result you have a customer base who are brand conscious and loyal so you can charge a premium for your goods and services.

Which one of these strategies best represents your business and could you switch to improve your position within the market place?

It is worthwhile examining what your competitors are doing within the market place.

Personality in Branding

Your brand should be personal to you  and be likened to a person. Just imagine a good friend who is charming, funny and generous, then apply these traits to your brand which makes it engaging and interesting to your prospects.

How does your friend dress or indeed yourself? What colours do they wear, do they reflect their character. The same applies to your business. Do your colours and fonts reflect your brand and are they going to stand out to convey your brand message. Ask

BY Creative
yourself how will your employees interact with your customers to  show the character of the business through your brand message.

If there is one thing that will retain your customer base is consistent service and being able to remain positive in times of adversity. Consumers will respect this and be loyal to your brand.

Post Brand Strategy

BY Creative

Effective communication with your target audience indicates a great brand strategy so apply it to every facet of your marketing platform.

Choosing a suitable name for your brand can be problematic as it is so important to send the right message to your prospects. So complete your written brand strategy first and a name should resonate with your brand.

Names such as PayPal, Coca Cola have the same first letters in the two words and are easy to say and are now synonymous with the product. There are many ways of doing this and many use poetic techniques such as beat. YouTube, Haagen Dazs and FedEx all have a pleasant sound whilst remaining short and memorable.

So how does your Branding Strategy best represent you. Let us know some of your quirky business names.

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 4, 2018

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