Generational Marketing – What age is your brand talking to?

There is such a wide variety of brand content on the web today, which applies the generational marketing strategy in Ireland. It is necessary to determine what age your target market. Your content could be categorised such as job title and location and then see how that marries to different age groups.

There are several types of generations that use the web so marketers have to do their research carefully to appeal to their target audience. There are four different generational marketing categories we will centre on;

  • Baby Boomers – 50 to 70 years old
  • Generation x – 35 to 50 years old
  • Millennials -18 to 34 years old
  • Generation Z or iGeneration. – Teens and Younger

We need to understand how these groups consume information and the things that are the most appealing.


Groups consume information




  • Use printed materials as swell as finding information online
  • Simple designs. Wants to make searches easy
  • Mainly uses desktops or tablets

Finding analytical information




  • Use a variation of mobile, tablet and desk top
  • Likes clear and understandable information
  • Enjoys comparisons and reviews




  • Likes incentives and offers
  • Needs instant information
  • Copy should be kept short and understandable
  • Enjoys visual content and must be interactive




  • Using Apps
  • Mobile Driven
  • Follows popular trends
  • Sharing content
  • Uses visual and interactive experiences


What Content Works Best


Baby Boomers:

  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Videos
  • Books, more detailed text

Generation X

  • Video content
  • Email/ Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Concise Information.Reviews, Facts


  • Short videos Social Media
  • Emotional Content, real life stories
  • Beneficial content, recipes,guides and check lists


Purpose is Key


It’s important to recognise the power of the teenager, they are hugely influential on the market , they are driving new trends and the high level of demand.

A recent study by GOOGLE found that brands must represent their values and reflect their expectations.

Generation Z use products that help shape their world . Youtube is a prime example , teenagers adore it and it falls in the top 100 brands.


Use of Social Media


Social Media has become a necessary part of any businesses marketing plan, so let us analyze who your brand may be talking to;

percentage of adults who use Instagram as of January 2018, by age group

Age group Share of respondents
18-29 64%
30-49 40%
50-64 21%
65+ 10%

It appears that Instagram has taken over in popularity from Facebook within this group.

The demographics of communication is changing to sharing images instantly through taking selfies and posting them to be seen by millions is becoming very appealing.

This allows your brand to be exposed to a wide audience with an opportunity to engage with your target audience and post promotions and incentives.

The above outlines the most desired and commonly used content for the different groups but it is essential to marry the type of content to your business , brand identity, mission statement and services provided.

So what age is your brand talking to and is it effective for your business?


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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Sep 10, 2018

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