Drawing on the expertise of its Founder and his expert team, Brand You Development
& Coaching Limited is a leading branding, creative, digital and design agency. In
celebration of the firm’s win of not one but two of this year’s coveted Media Innovator
Awards we offer an insight into how far it has come since the beginning.


Based in Dublin, Brand You is the brainchild of Lee Kavanagh who recognised the importance of branding and marketing from concept to the final product.

Thanks to this knowledge and his passion for creating quality digital marketing solutions, Lee
founded his agency in 2009, and since the beginning the firm has thrived thanks to his drive
and vision.

Initially, Brand You began life offering website marketing to clients just discovering the need
for an online presence, as well as providing scripting and producing videos for the web
embracing new technology in order to maximise the exposure of new businesses. Through
this focus on innovation, Brand You has established itself as one of Ireland’s leading digital
agencies of today.

Today, Brand You is a market leader when it comes to branding and marketing and has
gained its rightful place at the forefront of the country’s digital marketing industry. With the
knowledge and expertise of its talented team behind it, the firm can support a wide variety of
clients in developing their company concept.
This professional team of designers will, with full consultation, help clients create a
campaign to enhance and develop their brand into the correct market place, giving any client
maximum exposure to both potential and existing customers.

Through the firm’s four key values of understanding, insight, creativity and collaboration it is
able to work with clients to understand their brand and its aim, then work together with
clients to create marketing solutions that will drive it forward. As a result, Brand You has
been able to support a myriad of clients across the corporate landscape over the years and
offer them the benefit of its wisdom and knowledge.

These values are an integral aspect of Brand You’s corporate culture, and as such every client
that works with the agency knows that they will receive a collaborative, supportive service.
The firm’s team believe in working closely with clients and are dedicated to constantly
providing them with the services they need to drive their brand forward towards greater
Looking to the future, Brand You has ambitious plans to grow over the coming years and
enhance its already impressive market position so that it can work with even more clients and
drive their brands to true success.

Contact Details:
Company: Brand You Development & Coaching Limited
Name: Lee Kavanagh
Address: Suite 67 No 20 Harcourt Street, Dublin
Telephone Number: 0852512558
Web Address: https://www.brandyou.ie/

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