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How to come up with brand name in Ireland

Choosing the perfect brand is exciting and an essential element while starting a business along with it being hard. Building a brand and developing a brand identity takes time and involves more than just a slogan or logo. The essence of a good brand name is to observe multiple brands which are successful.

For your brand name to be unique and jump out in the crowd it’s important that it should be unique like, Airbnb, Uber or Pepsi and if the business gets it wrong they might end up being the next Tea Party Bookshop. Coming up with an appropriate brand name is a process. Many people are not creative and do not have the ability to come up with a brand name hence they take assistance from branding agencies and companies. There are certain steps which can be followed to come up with brand name ideas for your business.

Branding Strategy


1) Create a brand Avatar 


Before thinking a name for your brand it’s imperative to identify the characteristics of the ideal target customer for the brand’s product or services. Defining the target audience will be essential when creating the marketing and business strategies. Coming up with a working title is important before definitively setting up the brand name as it should be appealing to the target audience and reflect the brand value. Creation on a brand avatar is a creative process but it is important to have hard data. Web tools such as Alexa provide significant demographic information about users’ age, gender, location etc.


2) Create brand archetype


Creating a brand avatar is necessary to define a brand archetype when coming up with a brand name that works. But the main goal is to understand what the brand means or represents as it is an essential prerequisite for deciding the best brand name to attract the customers. When deciding a brand name it is important to understand that the brand avatar is the personification of the customer while archetype is the personification of the company, product and services.

For the purpose of picking a brand name, it’s only necessary to understand that the avatar is the personification of your customer while the archetype is the personification of your company, along with its products or services. It is important that your brand indicates something about who the company is or what they do. Two brands which are highly inspirational are Nike and Dove. Nike has derived its name from the ancient Greek Goddess who personifies victory whereas Dove conjures up feminine images of purity and softness. There are 12 main brand archetypes including the hero, innocent, outlaw to name a few.


3) Generate brand name ideas


Next step is to generate brand name ideas which represent the brand archetype and appeal to the brand’s avatar. Some general principles that can help the company with choosing the brand name:


• Keep the brand name simple


The perfect brand name should be short, simple and easy to say. Ideally it should be a two-syllable word as they gain more traction with the target audience and is more memorable.


• Use word association to brainstorm brand name ideas


You should begin with simple word association games. Write down, shout or say as many words associated with the brand as possible. Many names might come up but then you should narrow then down to a few which the company thinks is worth testing out.


• Consider using foreign language words


For more options you might also consider using other languages like French, Spanish or Italian as they are sometimes very effective in naming luxury goods such as clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, wine, perfume etc. But you should be caution as few words might have secondary meaning and may convey opposite of what’s intended.


4) Check the availability of the best brand name ideas


Once possible brand names are shortlisted, it’s important to check that they aren’t being used. Make sure that the brand name is not already trademarked and that a suitable domain name is available.


5) Test brand name


Before deciding the perfect brand name for the company, it is important to test the shortlist. This will help figuring out how appealing and memorable the potential customers find them. Surveys can be conducted via Facebook, email or online survey tools. Being a new business, testing is a form of market research which can be conducted amongst family, friends, colleagues and social media.


6) Select the perfect brand name


After properly testing the brand name you can start setting up your online presence. Capture all the relevant domains, Facebook pages, twitter and anything else to finalize the process. Build the logo around the chosen brand name and start to grow relevant.

Naming a brand is a creative process and ideas do not just come up immediately. A lot of thinking and logistical steps are been taken to come up with a name. A company stews for a few days and gives it time to come up with concepts. People are buying into brands for their values. The main aim while naming a brand is personalization of the name and making it different from other brands.

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Mar 26, 2020

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