6 Important 2020 Social Media Trends You Need to Know

6 Important Social Media trends in Ireland

In the last decade, social media has been thriving, where more than 3.2 billion people worldwide are active daily. Millennials use at least one of the social media platforms regularly and generation Z learns about new products and their usability through social media. Hence three-fourths of marketers believe social media is the most effective tool to grow their business.

Social media will play an important role in our lives for the foreseeable future.  Therefore brand managers are getting more social media-friendly to keep their brands up to date and ultra-modern. Technology has granted us great accessibility but competition has simultaneously increased. Additionally, there are various platforms where a brand manager can invest their time and money but it all is up to the audience and where they are spending their time.

social media trends 2020

So if it is Facebook, Instagram or any other emerging platform, there are important social media trends that matter for the fitness of business marketing in 2020.


 1. Connection + Community + Experience


While creating content, brands need to counteract the social media noise, think that less is more and create content that their key audience can connect with. Audiences are looking for a personal connection with their brands which will make them feel like a part of society. Brand managers need to put in more effort by being helpful and understanding towards the needs of an individual.

Besides using social media channels to only promote your product or service it is vital to listen to your audience and provide them value. By connecting with the audience the brand managers can gain their trust and have an upper hand over the competition.

Social networks recognize which pages are engaging and help in elevating their reach, which leads to an increase in engagement. Social media platforms show that they value engagement and interactions rather than pushing marketing to their audiences.

Brands have the ability to educate and entertain their audiences while engaging and facilitating meaningful interactions amongst followers and users. Brands should focus on messages and comments as conversations and engagement are key to the social media experience.


2. Authentic Influencers


Influencer marketing is booming and isn’t going anywhere. The important factor is creating a simple and clear influencer strategy that integrates with the overall marketing strategy that establishes an in-depth influencer process while providing a brief that outlines the content guidelines and goals of the brand while allowing micro-influencers to make their content feel authentic to the audience.

Authentic influencers are more powerful than ‘power influencers’ such as Kim Kardashian, as they share content they are passionate about and use daily. It is important for brand managers and companies to engage with influencers who will use their product authentically and inform the audience about it.  In 2020, major influencers and micro-influencers are expected to expand further because it gets easier for the brand and company to generate content and double down employee advocacy.


3. Diversify with social media platforms


Diversification is a primary trend in social media as it is beneficial for risk mitigation by reducing dependency on the larger social media platforms. The younger generation are favoring platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat over Facebook. TikTok is a booming platform and marketers should explore ways to take advantage of the TikTok advertising platform to reach engaged customers.

Reddit is another social media platform where companies need to approach their customers to have an online presence.  Marketing on Reddit is difficult and intimidating but customers use it to grow rapidly and view brands. It is important for brands and companies to have a social media presence and create internet culture.


4. Reimagine Social Analytics


Smart marketers will continue investing in analytic programs that go beyond the simple metrics and more towards meaningful metrics that have a higher accuracy. As machine learning evolves, brands with the best data and numbers will rise. Deep and inferential metrics will be required to describe how social media influences consumer behavior and local businesses. Brands will require their social media platforms to refresh their dashboards and be more transparent.


5. Use Employee Advocacy to Your Advantage


Employees play a major role in the success of a company. Empower the employees and they will help empowering your brand. Brands that understand this are providing fresh and relevant content for their audiences as employees generate content that helps in building a brand trust and reinforce relationships.

All companies should consider employee advocacy even if it begins on a smaller scale with employees sharing blog content to their social media network.


6. Youtube and Video


Video is not a hot new trend but it is still an important trend in social media. Video content is a must-have on social media and no longer a nice to have. Consumers expect video content from their brands whom they are going to business with.

In 2020, the biggest trend that brands and businesses will focus on for greater success is the use of Youtube as a leading social media platform. Want your brand to excel at Youtube, we are here to help! Contact us Today!

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Creator – Lee Kavanagh on Mar 26, 2020

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