5 Ways to Level Up Your Website’s Branding

With around 2 billion websites on the Internet, it is not enough to have a website. If you have a business, your website should work wonders for you. That is why you should know website branding strategies to optimize your website and achieve your branding goals.

Understanding Website Behavior


Are there website branding examples that have made an impact on you?

What made it stand out? Was it the first website that appeared on search results and matched your search intent?

Not all websites are created equal. Each website has specific objectives — generate leads, gain traffic, or establish itself as the go-to website in its respective niche or industry.

Showcasing your products and services is not the only purpose of a website. It also serves as your business’ branding. Marketers and business owners should make an effort to create a website that is not only aesthetically appealing but also establishes a distinct branding that stands out.

There are three considerations on how to brand your website. A well-branded website should be carefully thought, align with its search intent, and look attractive to the eyes. By knowing how to create a well-branded website, your website can achieve these benefits:

Makes your website – and your brand – stand out

Having good website branding sets you apart from the sea of competitors. At this point, you now have an idea of what makes your brand unique. That is, by having a website branding that truly stands out. At the same time, it makes your brand look more consistent and more recognizable among target consumers.

Provides support on internal marketing efforts

By having a well-branded website, the company’s staff will be more confident and proud of where they work. It can boost employee morale, gain a positive reputation among people outside the business, and even encourage potential applicants to join the company.

Establishes customer loyalty

A good website adds to a brand’s positive reputation which helps gain people’s trust. The more people trust you, the more people will patronize your brand and even spread the word to others.

According to a 2021 report, it can take up to 7 impressions for people to begin remembering your brand.

What are the Important Factors in Building a Strong Website Branding?


Establishing strong website branding can make or break any business. These tips should help in building strong branding for your business website, which can also help in achieving your brand goals:

Set a goal

Before starting any plan, you need to think of its purpose. Why are you planning something anyway? The same principle applies when building a website.

For example, some brands plan to build a website to capture leads and collect email addresses for email campaigns. Meanwhile, some use their websites to showcase their products and services and encourage people to buy there.

Consider your target audience and what you want them to do upon visiting your website. Of course, you would want your customers to educate them about your brand and why they should choose you from the rest.

Plan your website layout and structure.

Another important thing to remember is to plan your website layout and structure. Some of the staples every website should have include:


This will be the first thing visitors will see when they login to your website. It is also where the most crucial part of the website is because it is where you introduce your brand and why your target customers should choose you.

About Page

This section lets you share your brand story, how it came about, and the people behind it.

Products or Services Page

This is where you put your products and services, their features and benefits, pricing, and high-resolution images of each. Create separate pages for each service or product you are offering.

Contact Page

This is where you put details such as your office address (if you have one), mobile or telephone number, social media platforms, and email address where customers can contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page can be a time-saver for your customer service department. People can simply go here to address common concerns regarding your brand and your website.

Aside from these common website pages, ensure to format the content accordingly. Use the right fonts that match your brand identity. Make your site easy to navigate and ensure fast page upload and download times.

Use visuals to convey your brand message

Your visual assets such as your company logo and website are representations of your brand and should convey your message without using words. These elements can be incorporated into your website to create a consistent look and brand message. Even the use of a certain color on your website can be powerful enough to establish a stand-out brand identity.

Keep your website user-friendly

If website pages or images take too much time to download, or the page menus are all over the place, you cannot expect visitors to exit your website and go elsewhere. This is where the user experience journey enters the picture.

According to Peter Morville’s Honeycomb Model, a website should have these to ensure a meaningful and valuable user experience:


All people, regardless of disabilities and limitations, should be able to navigate through the website easily.


Your content should be authoritative and trustworthy.


It should evoke emotion in your website design elements, and a positive one at that.


The user should not have a hard time finding specific content that will satisfy their needs.


It should fulfill and satisfy the users’ needs.


It should also be easy to use (i.e., user-friendly).

Consistency is key

Cliche as it may sound, consistency is important, especially in branding. Without consistency, your content and website design won’t make sense. For example, you have used a particular font on one page, and a different one on another site page.

Even as simple as using mismatched fonts and color schemes can deeply affect not only your website branding but your entire branding. This is the reason why brand owners should create a “brand style guide” which will help a lot in website branding consistency.

Level Up Your Website Branding Today

These tips should help in creating eye-catching and optimized website branding. It’s not only about the aesthetic value, but setting your goals, ensuring an overall pleasant user experience and branding consistency that will resonate with your target customers.

You can learn more about website branding that works. Talk to our experts at Brand You and let’s get started today!

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