2022 Branding Trends You Should Know About

Branding trends you should know in Ireland

Everything in marketing is constantly changing. After all, we are in the business of trends, technologies, and an ever-evolving market. There are always new ways to connect with your brand’s target audience and maintain brand relevance. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common branding challenges and the latest trends in branding that your brand could leverage to scale your business this 2022.

Before discussing the brand trends, you must understand the branding problems you need to address. When you are always anticipating the changing needs of your customers, your brand can stay on top of your chosen industry.


We have listed down some common branding challenges that we have observed in recent years:


1. Creating a digital branding strategy

In the modern business landscape, positioning a brand on top of the industry means penetrating every channel your potential customers might be on. Digital branding strategy is how a brand connects with its target audience online. In saturated online platforms, standing out takes research, marketing strategies, a lot of A/B testing, and sometimes, an extension to your team.

Leaving it to experts is not such a bad idea. The best branding agency in Dublin is the extension to your team you’ve been looking for.

2. Coming up with unique brand concepts

In 2022, almost nothing is original anymore. And that’s okay. Your product can stand out in a competitive market and bring a brand vision to life with unique brand concepts. Conceptualizing unique brand concepts means putting together the brand’s core ideas. A brand concept is point A that eventually leads to points B, C, D of branding and marketing.

Without a unique brand concept that connects with your target audience, it might be a little harder to reach point B.

 3. Defining your target audience 

Your target audience first, and all the other things second. When you create a branding strategy, you hinge on the needs and interests of your target audience. However, it’s not always easy to narrow down your niche market. Trying to cater to everyone is a waste of time and money. 

If there are the latest branding challenges, there are also trends that brands can leverage in growing their reach.

 Some of them are:

4. Personal Branding

Marketing is the art of connecting people. Personal branding is just making the brand about you–your frustrations, inspirations, and story. You can’t separate Steve Jobs from Apple. He marketed himself through Apple and vice-versa.

Though this won’t work for all brands, it’s a branding trend that proved worthy of consideration. Each year, personal branding trends shift based on social atmospheres or new market values, and 2022 will be no different. You can be a thought leader in your chosen industry, your inspiring story can be your brand’s story, but it all boils down to making “you” accessible to the public.

5. Minimalism

Less is more. The minimalism trend has been going on–less text, smaller graphics, and more straightforward presentation. Minimalism strips away all the usual branding theatrics and just presents your brand as it is.

6. Building online communities

Facebook groups, LinkedIn, starting a Youtube channel are among the marketing ventures that a brand can grow its online community. Community-building is a branding machinery that creates an interactive avenue that your customers and/or potential customers appreciate. 

Create real connections. It’s always a good thing to be known as a brand that listens.

7. Be a sustainable brand.

We can observe how sustainability has moved firmly into the mainstream for years now. Eco-friendly brand messaging has been increasingly common. Creating a positive impact on society is aligned with global values.

Dare to go beyond your brand. 

8. Social Media Marketing

Regardless of your target audience’s demography, they’re on social media. Increase your brand visibility by leveraging different social media channels. Social media marketing is also considerably more cost-efficient than traditional media because you can show your content to more people through effective targeting.

In a nutshell…

Your brand doesn’t have to ride all trends. Analyze, and do your research. However, getting a credible branding agency remains an option, too.

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