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I could not read or write at some stage in my life, nor would I have thought in my past think I would be in the position that I am in today.  I had a big fear of writing, even my blogs. I had a belief system which always made me want to succeed, but I did not have the correct information to do it. However, my belief system included many beliefs, which on examination, help me realise that I did not believe that I deserved many things that I have today.

Here are some phrases which have the same meaning:

To wake up,

To bring changes,

To bring awareness to your situation,

To come out of denial.

I would use these words to describe the changes I have made for me in my life and business. In order to bring change to anything and achieve your goals you have to value things… This part brings me to gratitude and appreciation.

For me I practice this every day, it iss a conscious decision I make to take time to count all the beautiful things I have in my life and business.  Each situation which I encounter every day is always a lesson and brings new awareness.

To start any new way of approaching a situation always commences with gratitude. You can even look at your current situation in a different way.

For example,

  1. I show you how a typical day looks like for me.
  2. I will give you some power questions.


  1. My day and suggestions for you


I start my day with a morning workout and sauna, this is so powerful and is really good for you. Every morning, you could do a workout, go to gym or go for a swim, and if you cannot make it to gym or do not have much time, then you can do 10 to 30 minute workout at home.

Then for breakfast, a nice smoothie with fresh spinach, fruit, protein and milk.

Before I start my workday,  I do a gratitude quote or writing, and express appreciation to all my staff and customers.

I do my list for the day, and on meeting with my staff, I check all projects and what identify what improvements can be made on a daily basis.

Throughout my day, I check with all staff, the progress and see what can be improved. I always make sure to give encouragement and gratitude to the work and commitment of all the staff and customers.

Then at the end of the day, I check all works completed and make sure that I am managing myself correctly, and that my staff and customers are being managed correctly.  Finally, I remember to give thanks.

This takes commitment. Remember to value both yourself and others, and when you practice this, you will always attract the right people to help you achieve whatever it is you are doing, or looking to achieve.

  1. Power questions.


How much do I value myself?

How much do I value myself in my current situation?

How much do I value myself and the people around me?

How often do I show appreciation to myself, and people around me?

If I am not happy with my current situation, then what new way of valuing myself, and others, can I apply?

Always remember to value what you do, and this will always give a positive outcome to any situation.

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Article author: Lee Kavanagh