Digital Strategy

Why digital marketing strategy?

A digital strategy is essential before embarking upon any online marketing activity.

A strategy helps you to identify and formalise who your customers are, what you want to say to them (and, more importantly, what they want to hear from you), how you intend to do it, how you are going to measure the effectiveness of your marketing, and where you go next.

Without a digital strategy you have no direction – and you run the risk of spending your budget without the means of showing any return on your investment.


More reasons to have a Digital Strategy:

Stay in control

A strategy puts you in charge of your digital project. From the first scoping session you’ll have the tools to make sure that your agency is working with your goals in mind.


Get to know your customers

Digital is measurable. Your strategy will address how you’ll measure the success of your digital marketing and what it will tell you about your customers.


Save money and time

Simple. You save time and money. If you don’t have a strategy, you will be guessing, moving this way and that way. By having a clear strategy you can plan. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. We help you choose the best options based on your business goals, target demographics, budgets, most appropriate platforms to use etc We’ll also review what is working for others within your industry and external to it, to take the best strategies and adopt them into your campaign. All of this and more will be covered in the strategy.


Why have an SEO Strategy?

Within SEO if you make a mistake by clumsiness then you can pay for it forever.

Best Practice Strategies are therefore extremely important.


Save money and time

You also save time and money. If you don’t have a strategy, you can waste time and money, fairly easily. Examples work best;


Example 1 – SEO keywords not aligned with the business.

A B2C E-Commerce Sites wants to increase their sales online. They know they need to have some SEO to boost their traffic and sales. They decide to go with the cheapest operator they can find. He promises them ‘results’. The SEO operator has no idea of business strategy so choose keywords that are low margin. He might indeed be a good SEO, but he has no strategy, or worst, a wrong one.

Outcome? The results show that while there has been a spike in traffic the sales are low margin, therefore the ROI has been negative, meaning the SEO has been a waste of time, energy and money.


Example 2 – No strategy means no feasibility study and no awareness.

A B2B business wants to sell insurance online. They want SEO but decide against the Strategy and Audit, instead they want to start, and they want to start ‘now’. The Top Agency they hired start the campaign, which is based on the clients wishes, minus any research. After 6 months the agency fails to deliver the keyword rankings due to the clients low budget.. The client was unaware of the market. They didn’t want the Strategy (which would have resulted in a feasibility study)

Outcome? The client does not get the desired ROI on the project and has wasted time, energy and money,


What’s the Solution?

An SEO Strategy (and for pre-existing websites an Audit too). The better prepared you are the better you can plan. We have seen plenty of clients lose money by going to agencies that cut corners, or who are, worse, unaware of the steps for an effective campaign. Further, some clients want to save money, so they opt to not have a strategy. The campaigns are comparatively weaker, and in some cases spectacularly fail.

An SEO/ Digital strategy is a fundamental part of any campaign.


What do you get in a Digital strategy?

Competitor analysis

  • to help ascertain strength of competitor (saves us time/money if we pick
  • to see if we can compete on keywords (save us time/money)
  • to see if we can use adopt of their strategies (saves us time/money)
  • work out what does not work and why (saves us time and money)


Strategic Planning

  • We outline suggested campaign direction on a strategic level. This includes platforms to target, type of content, regularity, and other nuances relevant to your industry (characters vs graphics vs text copy etc)
  • We highlight successful elements from other campaigns (with focus on how they can work for you)
  •  This all helps save money/time by focusing attention on what matters first.
  • First and foremost this saves money by focusing your aims and direction
  • If executed properly then campaigns can have very good ROIs. Without a strategy it is very hard to ascertain the correct direction in which to go.  A strategy gives the owner options, too, as there are always various routes to success online, not just one.


Feasibility Study

  • Ascertaining the feasibility of the campaigns and goals in conjunction with the targets in mind vs competitor strength and competition within the market
  • Helps reduce risk of wasting money by analyzing which Social Media /PPC/ Content/ Viral campaigns to go for, and which not to.


Auditing Current Activity

  • Monitors and analyses your current Digital activity
  • We make suggestions, and can offer training on all Digital platforms (SEO, Social, Blogging, Content, PPC)