Increase Sales Performance With Leading Sales and Marketing Company Ireland.


Simply speaking IYS program is a business development program; for both online or offline ones. Client Relationship Management tool for both retail and business to business sector.

It also consists of project management system, business management system and business planning, which helps to put structures and procedures into your business.

It covers all your marketing and tools needed to improve your business.

We develop or improve your both online or off line in sale & marketing and management



  • Effective business plan and strategy
  • Organization
  • Organized sales and marketing
  • Marketing campaign’s that WORK both online and offline
  • First page in Search engines, Google ad words conversions and social media conversions
  • Online marketing understanding which is easier to implement
  • Structures and procedures
  • Business management systems around people, company culture
  • Sales systems
  • Increasing profit margins & turnover

How To Improve Sales Performance?

Our team of professionals deliver the tools, the motivation and the expertise for you to achieve the development of your business.


Stage 1.

The first step of implementing Increase your sales programme is to find out what is working and what is not working properly in your company.

We analyse and develop a plan to develop a new or improved sales system, brand, marketing both online and offline, management, CRM and business management system. We analyse and compare your current system and we research your competitors / industry and what they do. We create or improve your current system and make sure you have all the tools working correctly in order to develop your business.


Stage 2.

We implement the strategy and distribute the workload between you, your staff and Brand You and lay it out in the 12/24 / 36 / 60 month project, from which we work month by month. We increase your sales through new customers or achieve higher average orders from your existing customer base using the same amount of time.

The most important part of the program are the 5 steps below which enable us to obtain the best results

  1. Support development and coaching – this is the most important part of the program
  2. Visits to your premises – we provide motivation, direction and coaching new structures and procedures for implementation for you and your staff.
  3. Coaching on areas which need more awareness – this brings understanding of each area of the business. It shows how valuable it is to understand each area and gives the time required to bring improvements.
  4. Skype group chat support, telephone and email to all the team.
  5. Reporting and analysing all works completed
  6. Reporting – gathering data
  7. Checking keyword ranking
  8. Checking website analytics performance
  9. Checking social media – how many new followers and contacts
  10. Checking social media posts performance
  11. Checking social media prospecting statistics
  12. Analysing performance of the campaigns
  13. Social media advertisement conversions
  14. PPC conversations
  15. Newsletter
  16. Turnover from online and offline measuring increase of sales and or average order
  17. Creating the report and filling in the strategy sheet
  18. Planning meetings – analysing data with client


Every two months or every month we present you with a report and we analyse the results and applied changes. We cover all areas, Management system, Sales system and marketing both online and offline. This measurement tool enables us to keep track of your business performance and helps us to make new and improved way for next two months.

How to increase sales?

img-increasesales will show you how to sell to a wider audience by equipping your business with online and offline strategies.,By putting solid structures and procedures in place in your business, you can target existing and potential customers more effectively. We provide something unique! Not only will we do the work for you, we will also coach you in all areas of sales, Branding, marketing & PR both online and offline. At the end of the 24 month program you will be fully competent in all areas and will know how to sell your product or service successfully. The most effective sales strategy is to keep in touch with your customers, making sure they are up to date with what is happening in your company on a weekly basis, and how many new customers have bought your product or service. Testimonials or feedback are a great way to develop and increase your sales. Companies that know how to sell successfully understand the benefits of customer testimonials.,Online Testimonials and customer feedback are a fantastic platform that showcases your business to a world-wide audience.,When potential customers read your testimonials they will see and understand all your business has to offer. This is a key aspect in how to increase sales and widen the target audience.

How to sell

When I ask customers the question; how do you get most of your business? 90% say ‘ word of mouth and referrals’.Many people starting off a new business or in an existing business tend to look to external sources for the answer whereas most of the time it is an internal issue. Why not focus on your current client base by putting better structures and marketing/advertising procedures in place to maximise your sales.Here is a suggestion; Instead of saying to potential customers ‘buy our product or service’ why not show them someone who has invested in your product. What better way to show potential clients just how much your business has to offer than to introduce them to satisfied and loyal existing customers?

Choose parts or all elements of your strategy

Increase your sales folder system
Accounting target and projections
Internal structures
Sales system
Structures and procedures
PR and advertising