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BrandYou.ie was formed in 2009 and previously named Lee Kavanagh and Associates. Lee Kavanagh – managing director of BrandYou.ie – has many years of experience in the sales and marketing field and has worked alongside local and multinational companies such as Irish Independent.

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Welcome to BrandYou.ie. My name is Lee Kavanagh and I created this company in 2009.

I have worked as a consultant for many years in Sales and Marketing throughout Ireland, UK & Philippines, I have developed a business coaching course for start-up companies, and I have worked in the field of concept design strategies. My passion is to transform your concept into a thriving business.

I have the knowledge and know-how of working with various industries. Every business owner has their own unique style of working and down through the years, I have found that very often all that’s missing is a little bit of business coaching in the right direction.

My approach is of somewhat a unique nature.  What’s unique about us?

Not only do we transform concepts into something concrete and relevant, we also offer business coaching and train you in our field of expertise. Nothing says it simpler than this Chinese proverb ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Why not let us at ’BrandYou.ie show you how your business can reach its full potential today.

MD Lee Kavanagh

lee kavanaghLee Kavanagh

Managing Director

Manager and founder of BrandYou.ie. Accomplished professional with proven track record in sales and marketing for Irish, UK and multinational companies.